April 1, 2022

Ukraine blows up Russian fuel dump in Belgorod

Institute for the Study of War

On April 1, around 5 am Moscow time, two Ukrainian Mi-24 helicopters at very low altitude entered the airspace of the Russian Federation. Ukrainian helicopters launched a missile strike on the outskirts of Belgorod to a civil storage facility of oil products. As a result of the missile hit, separate tanks were damaged and caught fire.

❗️ I would like to emphasize that from this object only civil transport fuel was provided. The oil base has nothing to do with the Russian armed forces.

▫️ Armed Forces of the Russian Federation continue to conduct a special military operation in Ukraine.

▫️ Units of the Russian armed forces have completed the cleanup from the nationalists of the settlement Harvest and are fighting with the Ukrainian 54 separate mechanized brigade for the possession of the coexistence of October. The depth of progress per day was 8 kilometers. The Ukrainian moped mouth strengthened by a tank platoon was destroyed.

💥 High-point winged rockets of the coastal missile complex “Bastion” destroyed the headquarters of the Ukrainian troops in the area of Shakhterskoye. Up to 40 people of personal composition, 5 units of armored equipment and cars of various purposes were destroyed.

💥 During the day, 40 military units of Ukraine were affected by operational and tactical aviation. Among them: two zenit missile complexes, including one “Buk-M1” ZRK in the Murakhovo district and one “Osa” launch plant in the Velikie Novoselky district, as well as 32 districts of the concentration of combat equipment Ukrainian Armed Forces .

💥 With the means of anti-air defense of the Russian Air-Space Forces, one Mi-24 helicopter in the area of Gulyay Pole and 4 Ukrainian drone aircraft in the areas of Novomikhaylovka, Izyum and Kharkov.

📊 In total, since the beginning of a special military operation, 124 planes and 82 helicopters, 357 unmanned aircraft, 1854 tanks and other armed vehicles have been destroyed, 202 fire jet systems installations, 777 field weapons oh artillery and mortem, as well as 1722 units of special military automobile equipment.

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