June 26, 2023

Ukraine Defense Ministry: 950 Russian troops killed in 24-hour period

Ukraine Defense Ministry

The total combat losses of the enemy from 24.02.22 to 25.06.23 were approximately:
personnel ‒ about 225580 (+950) persons were liquidated, 
tanks ‒ 4031 (+1), 
APV ‒ 7820 (+14), 
artillery systems – 4055 (+21), 
MLRS – 624 (+0), 
Anti-aircraft warfare systems ‒ 385 (+0) од,
aircraft – 314 (+0), 
helicopters – 308 (+0), 
UAV operational-tactical level – 3482 (+10),
cruise missiles ‒ 1259 (+0),
warships / boats ‒ 18 (+0),
vehicles and fuel tanks – 6751(+16),
special equipment ‒ 557 (+5).


Ukraine Defense Spokesperson Hanna Maliar issues press statement: Ukraine losses are 1/8 those of Russian forces

The russian federation continues to wage conquest war against Ukraine. Despite numerous losses, it doesn’t refuse from plans for complete occupation of our territory.

The enemy subsequently ignores laws and customs of war, uses terror tactics, inflict attack and shelling against military either civilian facilities. Unfortunately last week is marked with killed and wounded civilians, including children. Civilian residential buildings and the rest of civilian infrastructure are damaged and destroyed. The enemy continues to inflict mass missile and air attacks against territory of our state, combining it with Shahed 136/131 UAVs attacks aimed at exhaustion of our AD system. During the last week the enemy has inflicted 95 missile and 262 air attacks.

On the border with Belarus on Volyn and Polissia directions the operational environment has not significantly changed. The enemy maintains military presence in the vicinity of bordering areas in order to prevent redeployment of our troops to other directions. It continues shelling of localities from the territory of the russian federation, carries out provocations on the state border. There are no markers of offensive formation establishment. On the training field of the belarus republic units of the russian federation continue training and coordination before the deployment to the Areas of operation on the territory of Ukraine.

On the border with the russian federation, on Siversk and Slobodzhanshchyna directions the enemy also maintains its military presence in the areas bordering with Ukraine. In bordering regions of Briansk and Kursk the enemy has two operational groups of the troops formation Zapad with the purpose to hamper our troops and prevent their manuver. It continues shelling of residential areas from the territory of the russian federation and continues sabotage and reconnaissance activity.


On the East Defence forces of Ukraine conducts both defensive and offensive operations and have tactical success. The enemy continues its offense on Lyman, Bakhmut, Avdiivka and Mariinka directions. Severe hostilities are taking place there. During the last week there were up to 250 combat encounters on these directions. The enemy is trying to push our troops back from the taken positions, but unsuccessfully. During the last week on the East the enemy inflicted 6456 shelling and launched 315006 pieces of ammunition. At the same time at the end of the week our troops begun offensive in the vicinity of the Areas of Operation Orikhove-Vasylivka, Bakhmut, Bohdanivka, Yahidne, Klishchiivka and Kurdiumivka. Advance on every direction varies from 1 to 2 kilometres. Now troops are trying to set on reached lines and continue to destroy the enemy.


The situation on the South hasn’t changed drastically during the last week. Defence forces continue offense on Melitopol and Berdiansk. During the week via improvement of the operational and tactical situation and through levelling of the front line the area of the liberated territories expanded on 17 square kilometres.

In general terms since the beginning of offensive liberated area reaches 130 square kilometres.

On Tavria direction during the last week the enemy has attacked our positions 148 times.

During the last week on Tavria direction we fixed 3861 shelling. If we will put together shelling of the East and the South it will reach more than 10 000 shelling per week. That’s every minute and round the clock.

Units of missile troops and artillery of Defence forces on Tavria direction have completed 8783 fire tasks during the last week.

russian occupation forces resist severely, simultaneously they suffer personnel, weaponry and equipment losses.

Losses of the enemy

We have 8 times less losses than the enemy. During the last week our aviation, missile troops and artillery inflicted more than 110 attacks against enemy’s assembly areas, destroyed 17 surface to air missile complexes of the enemy, attacked 11 command posts of the enemy (which reasonably decreased enemy’s capability to attack our aviation and UAVs) and engaged 7 ammunition depots of the enemy.

Moreover hundreds of enemy’s equipment are destroyed, including tanks, helicopters, artillery systems.

For instance 2 enemy helicopters Ка-52 and 1 Мі-24, as well 48 from 51 Iranian attack UAVs “Shahed-131/136”.

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