August 4, 2023

Statement of National Unity Government regarding the intensified and widespread mass killings committed by terrorist military group

Statement regarding the intensified and widespread mass killings  committed by terrorist military group  

1. Since the failed coup on February 1, 2023, the terrorist military group has  perpetrated mass killings. According to data collected by the National  Unity Government’s Ministry of Human Rights up to July 2023, at least  (144) mass killings of more than five people occurred, and (1595) innocent  civilians were killed. The ministry documented 11 massacres in 2021, 85  in 2023, and (48) massacres up to July 2023.  

2. According to the documented data, the last mass killing was committed  in Sone Chaung Village, Yin Mar Pin Township in Sagaing Region on July  21, 2023. In that mass killing, (14) innocent civilians were massacred,  including (4) under the age of eighteen.  

3. The data indicated that terrorist military group has systematically  intensified and escalated the mass killing because people are still  maintaining their resistance against the coup.  

4. The Ministry of Human Rights will continue to make every effort in  bringing justice for the documented evidence of terrorist military’s  crimes. To seek justice, the ministry encourages people to submit 

information and evidence of human rights violations and international  crimes committed by the terrorist military group.  

5. The Ministry of Human Rights continues its efforts to eradicate the  practice of impunity for human rights violations committed by terrorist  military group, as well as to document the human rights violations in  order to deliver transitional justice as part of the federal democratic union  building process.  

(The information of mass killings collected by the ministry is attached)  

 Ministry of Human Rights  National Unity Government

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