December 28, 2023

NUG Commemorates Migrant Myan- mar Workers for Preventing Foreign Earnings from Flowing to Myanmar Military Council

Myanmar Now

In a public announcement on December 20, the National Unity Government (NUG) commended the resilience of Myanmar workers abroad who are steadfastly opposing the terrorist military council.

It is stated that due to the enthusiastic civil disobedience of Burmese migrant workers, the foreign currency income for the terrorist Military Council has significantly decreased, which has led to a crisis in order to execute their terrorist acts.

The strong resistance demonstrated by these workers against the illegitimate military dictatorship, resulting in a drastic drop in foreign exchange earnings flowing into Myanmar—down to a tenth of the previously recorded average amount. The NUG expressed its deepest gratitude to these migrant Myanmar workers for their passionate efforts in stifling the Myanmar Military Council’s revenue channels.

Full statement in Burmese available on Facebook:

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