December 28, 2023

NUG Sends Commemorative Messagefor Ta’ang National New Year

On December 16, the National Unity Government (NUG) conveyed a commemorative message for the Ta’ang National New Year. The message acknowledged the Ta’ang

ethnic group’s longstanding history of resistance against the discrimination and oppression of the terrorist Military Council, advocating for the right to self-determination and
national equality.

The message highlighted the challenges ethnic groups face in preserving their traditions, culture, literature, and celebrations amid discrimination and oppression under the terrorist Military Councilf. It expressed solidarity, not-ing that all ethnic groups are dedicating their lives to the

Spring Revolution against the junta, aiming to break free from its oppression. The message conveyed the NUG’s wishes for the Ta’ang people to have an auspicious 2715th

National New Year and swiftly achieve the goal of dismantling the military council and all forms of dictatorship,

leading to the emergence of a federal democratic republic.
Full statement and images in Burmese available on

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