January 1, 2024

Republic of the Union of Myanmar National Unity Consultative Council and National Unity Government New Year Joint Statement (1/2024)

The National Unity Consultative Council (NUCC) and the National Unity Government  (NUG) issued this 2024 new year statement in appreciation of the revolutionary  forces who collaborate together to eradicate all forms of dictatorship and build a  Federal Democratic Union. 

1. Since the beginning of the attempted coup, this revolution has been carried  on through various efforts involving the entire society, and it has  undoubtedly gained success due to the solidarity of revolutionary forces  through timely attacks across the country, such as operations 1027 and 1111.  We gratefully acknowledge these achievements as the result of the  relentless backing of the public, the coordinated efforts of ethnic  revolutionary organizations, people defense forces (PDF), and local PDFs, and  the assistance from people from both inside the country and abroad.  

2. In addition to the daily expansion of revolutionary forces-controlled  territories, the revolutionary forces are able to conquer major military bases,  and the steady shrinking of military controlled areas can be attributed to the  people defensive war’s key success. 

3. At the same time, the need for humanitarian assistance is growing as a  result of the military terrorist group’s targeting of millions of civilians,  including women, children, the elderly, and persons with disabilities. To  reflect this need, both regional and international governments must  establish direct contact with us.  

4. We truly document the entire society’s strong commitment from the  perspective of the “People Movement,” including nonviolent demonstrations  and non-cooperative actions, while the military terrorist group commits  horrific killings and arbitrary arrests. Furthermore, we want to inform the  public that revolutionary forces are still effectively blocking the essential  economic pillars of the military terrorist group from the of  “Economic/Financial” front, including international sanctions. 

5. We share a strong spirit and an explicit objective for the eradication of  military dictatorship, the establishment of a Federal Democratic Union, and  the peace and stability of the entire region. The military terrorist group is the  primary obstacle to achieving this goal, and the military has failed to build  peace for several decades. And its allies, including border guard forces,  militias, and other forces, are engaging in unlawful activities, threatening  regional prosperity and stability. All revolutionary forces, including the NUCC, NUG, and ethnic resistance organizations, noticed the military  terrorist situation as a threat to the region. Therefore, the revolutionary  forces require the cooperation of regional and international governments  to implement the country’s stability as well as for the regional peace and  development. 

6. Currently, we are speeding up our efforts to reach a political pact among our  revolutionary forces and coordinating on civilian protections, human  security, and local governance arrangements in revolutionary forces controlled areas. Furthermore, the process of developing an interim  constitution has been continued with the necessary preparations. The  revolutionary forces are working together to develop arrangements for  transitional justice, politics, the economy, social services, and rehabilitation  for the post-revolutionary period. We would like to inform the public and  international governments of our responsive efforts to build trust and  solidarity. 

7. By taking the solemn oath to revolution, this spring revolution can be  perceived as a precious movement toward the establishment of a Federal  Democratic Union with coordinated and collective leadership, coordinative  action of revolutionary forces, and participation of people of all walks of life  from diverse ethnicities and areas, including women. 

8. With this New Year statement, we call on military generals, officials, officers,  and soldiers who are still taking orders from the military junta to make a  timely decision to oppose Min Aung Hlaing and his allies’ orders to commit  war crimes, crimes against humanity, and terrorism that devastate the  country and military institutions and to stand at the side of the people to  fight against them. 

9. We firmly pledge that 2024 will be the year to secure the victory of the people.  We wish the entire people a safe, healthy, and prosperous New Year and a  victory of the Spring Revolution. 

Our revolution must surely prevail! 

With the solemn oath to revolution,  

National Unity Consultative Council and National Unity Government 

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