November 26, 2023

Statement on the News Release of Indonesia’s Foreign Ministry regarding theEngagement of the Office of the Special Envoy with Myanmar Stakeholders

Republic of the Union of Myanmar
National Unity Government
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Statement (22/ 2023)
25 November 2023

  1. It has been brought to our attention that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the
    Republic of Indonesia released news on the engagement of the Office of Special Envoy
    with stakeholders of Myanmar, led by the government of Indonesia, which took place
    from 20 to 22 November in Jakarta, Indonesia.
  2. As the international community including the United Nations supports the
    ASEAN’s intervention in addressing the Myanmar crisis, the National Unity
    Government has been engaging only with the ASEAN at the “Separate Meeting
    conducted based on Groupings” of the ASEAN. The purpose of those engagements is
    to provide timely updates on the development of the Spring Revolution and to
    accurately and clearly communicate our position to ASEAN.
  3. There has been no engagement whatsoever with any individual, including so-
    called representatives of the illegitimate military junta, neither at any place nor at any point in time.
  4. The National Unity Government acknowledges and comprehends that ASEAN,
    through the Office of Special Envoy, has been making consistent efforts to implement
    the Five-Point Consensus. Upon every encouragement from ASEAN for engagement,
    the National Unity Government unequivocally responds, stating, “Without the
    assurance of ending the military dictatorship and establishing a federal democratic
    union, without the genuine will of the people, spring forces and alliances, and without
    a guarantee of a transitional period where justice is fully upheld, there will be no
  5. Therefore, the comment stated in the Press Release of Indonesia’s Foreign
    Ministry regarding the possibility of a dialogue solely reflects the view of the Office of
    Special Envoy. We wish to clarify that this comment is unrelated to the National Unity

Ministry of Foreign Affairs
National Unity Government

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