December 20, 2023

The NUG and EROs have made important, fundamental consensuses.

Myanmar Now

In a public announcement on December 13, Defence Minister U Yee Mon stated that the National Unity Government (NUG) and the ethnic resistance organizations (EROs) have made important and fundamental understanding, built trust and shared common views among themselves. He added that there always was, and still is, a coordination and communication when strategizing for political or military affairs among revolutionary alliances. The minister said that [the NUG] have met, either virtually or in person, with almost all ERO leaders during the three years of the people’s revolution. He said none of the ethnic groups have thoughts of secession nor conforming to foreign powers but instead have a strong desire to establish a new republic which encompasses the right to self-determination, cooperation for the benefit of all, and the values of freedom. They realize that this can only be achieved by rooting out the military dictatorship, he added.

“One thing that is highly noticeable in such meetings is that all leaders have the Union Spirit,” said the minister.

In addition, the Three Brotherhood Alliance (TBA) announced on December 12 that Operation 1027 succeed-ed in its objectives to attack and drive back the terrorist Military Council’s encampments and its weapon production sites. Even though the aims of each group and the aim of the alliance have been fulfilled to a certain point, we must all push forth through upcoming battles to achieve our collective aims, said the announcement.

TBA also said that none among them will turn back at this juncture nor ignore the political objectives desired by all the people, who have been oppressed for generations at the hands of the military council.

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