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2023 Summary:  “We are in one of the most perilous periods of international existence,” is how veteran diplomat Thomas Pickering recently summed up the world situation. The elements are clear:  a major war in Europe with no end in sight and Russian hints it might use nuclear weapons, a Middle East conflict that can blow up into regional war and a paralyzed UN Security Council.

If ever there was a time we all need to be well informed, it is now. Baltimore Council speakers offer incisive looks into current crises and perspectives for the time ahead. They also provide solid insights into past calamities. 

Christopher Kolenda laid out the lessons of the U.S. failure in Afghanistan, and retired General Frank McKenzie, the former commander of the Central Command, offered valuable insights on Iran and Afghanistan.  We broke new ground with Polish Ambassador Marek Magierowski on his country’s vision for European security and with Professor Jennica Larrison from the University of Baltimore on the Forced Displacement catastrophe.

Two Brookings scholars, Michael O’Hanlon and Robert Kagan, gave upbeat assessments of U.S. policy. We also hosted two contrarians, Trita Parsi of the Quincy Institute on the rocky U.S. relations in the Middle East, and former Pentagon official Elbridge Colby, on the case for prioritizing aid to Taiwan over aid to Ukraine. We will top off the year with Robert Zoellick, former World Bank President, on the lessons of history for today’s diplomacy. In January, we’ll have a program on democracy and autocracy and in February, former Ambassador James Jeffrey will address whether there’s a way out of the Middle East impasse.

We’ve just launched a website discussion forum, building on the debate at our speakers’ events.  We’ll shortly post a web feature on the Forced Displacement crisis – the 110 million civilians who fled their homes under armed attack. 

We hope to restore Council programs for high schools and colleges in 2024 but require an additional staffer and the funding for the position — unless there’s a volunteer who’ll take this on!

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