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Arnold Sherman

Please consider the following as a question. Thanks. “Conflict should never begin without an exit plan. Exit plans need to consider a long historical timeline. The response to the Hamas attack on Isreal follows a classic pattern of the asymmetric powerless sucking in the dominant power into a response that will increase the commitment, in this case of Hamas, while at the same time reducing world public support for the victim of the terrorist attack.

The more vicious the attack, the more likely the vigor of the response will be. In a growing tri-polar world, the more significant effect of this seemingly local conflict plays into the hands of those wanting to replace the flawed global rule-based order. Support for Israel without acknowledging the human needs of the Palestinians repeats foreign policy mistakes made in Vietnam, Afghanistan, and Iraq.

The macro challenge is to create a realistic global strategic plan that leaves domestic politics up to sovereign states and creates a collaborative institutional/organizational rule-based world order based on understanding the universal psychic truths of the personal and collective unconscious that are expressed differently in the collective memories of the world’s cultures.

Suppose we can see the universal underlying specifics and learn to apply interdisciplinary analysis to recurring patterns at historical turning points. In that case, we might break out of this 5000-year-old vicious cycle.” Arnold Kraft Sherman, Ph.D., 11/15/2023.