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Steven David, Ph.D.

Professor, Johns Hopkins University

Steven R. David is a Professor of Political Science at Johns Hopkins University where he specializes in international security issues and American foreign policy. He received a Master’s degree in East Asian Studies from Stanford University and a PHD from Harvard.  David has written several books and numerous articles that have appeared in such journals as FOREIGN AFFAIRS, INTERNATIONAL SECURITY, WORLD POLITICS AND ISRAEL AFFAIRS.

At Hopkins he has served as the Chair of the Political Science Department, Director of Jewish Studies, and Vice Dean of Undergraduate Affairs. David has won the “Best Teaching Award” three times. He is now working on two books the first of which examines existential threats to Israel in light of the lessons of the destruction of the ancient Israelite kingdoms. The second book assesses China’s efforts to extend its influence in the Global South and the impact this has on American interests.

David lives in Stevenson, Maryland with his wife Maureen. He has three daughters and three grandchildren.