March 8, 2022

Briefing of the Head of the National Center for Defense of the Russian Federation ColonelMikhail Mizintsev,

Russian Defense Ministry

Given the rapid deterioration of the humanitarian situation in the
settlements of Ukraine, where nationalists continue to forcibly detain thousands of civilians,
including foreigners, the Russian side yesterday despite repeated disruptions of the conflict
eh agreements by Kiev authorities, took another initiative to carry out a humanitarian
operation. At the same time, we have fulfilled the entire algorithm of preparation for the
evacuation of civilians and foreign nationals through safe corridors.
Unfortunately, there are ten routes offered to the Ukrainian side – two from Kiev, Chernihiv,
Sumy, Kharkov and Mariupol – including one from each city to the Russian Federation, as
well as one through the territory controlled by the Kiev authorities Ri to Poland, Moldova,
Romania, official Kiev confirmed only one route – from Sumy through Poltava on to the
border with Poland.
At present, thanks to unprecedented security measures taken by the Armed Forces of the
Russian Federation, 723 people have been evacuated along this route. , of them 576
citizens of India, 115 are Chinese, 20 Jordan, 12 are Tunisians.
In addition, Russia without the participation of the Ukrainian side, 5,334 people were
evacuated per day from danger zones of various areas of Ukraine, as well as the Luhansk
and Donetsk People’s Republics. , of which 781 are children, and since the beginning of the
special military operation there are already more than 174 thousand people. , of them
44,250 are children. 20,033 units of personal car transport crossed the state border of the
Russian Federation, 777. of them per day.
Currently, 223 foreign nationals are also being completed without the participation of the
Ukrainian side without the participation of 223 foreign citizens from the Crimea to
Novorossiysk, including 188 people – Turkey, 15 – Egypt, 8 – Italy , 6 from Pakistan and 5
from India and 1 Brazilian. But those numbers will increase as the operation is still ongoing.
At the same time, official Kiev authorities continue to categorically reject all main evacuation
routes from Kiev, Chernihiv, Sumy, Kharkov and Mariupol to the territory of the Russian
Federation. I would like to remind the Ukrainian side that in our database, taking into
account the expired date, two million 541 thousand 367 applications have already been
processed on various communication channels from specific citizens of Ukraine, as well as
foreigners, with the requests of sp asti and evacuate them from 1,917 settlements of
I would like to point out that this database contains the names, surnames and addresses of
these people, audio and video protocols of their panic, heartbreaking stories of the dire
humanitarian situation, horrors and atrocities committed by nationalists, killed tvah, physical
violence, searches and illegal arrests.
If we had a basic trust in the Ukrainian authorities, then we could hand over this database to
them in order to dispel speculation that allegedly no one wants to go to the Russian
Federation. But for obvious reasons we can’t do it. As soon as the database is in the hands
of nationalists, all those who seek help from Ukrainian citizens will be persecuted,
humiliated, tortured and shot dead.
This is the same reason we are afraid to pass this information to the United Nations
representatives, as detailed information about the citizens of Ukraine may also fall into the
hands of nationalists. But having this objective data, UN representatives would stop from
the high stands to loudly accuse Russia of failure to fulfill humanitarian obligations, and also
to declare the absence of Ukrainians and foreign nationals wanting to leave Russia The

Ossian Federation, as officially announced yesterday by the Deputy Secretary-General for
Humanitarian Affairs Martin Griffiths.
The answers to all of these questions about where these false statements are coming from
are very simple to understand.
Officials of Kiev authorities and mayors of cities received strict instructions to prevent any
evacuation attempt to the Russian Federation, that is, to inform citizens about possible
evacuation to Russia and the creation of humanitarian aid for it on a daily basis. Arny
corridors are simply not enough. This is a first.
And the second one. Any attempts to exit through humanitarian corridors into the Russian
Federation are brutally thwarted by nationalists. We have already told you about this in
detail. Any further comments are unnecessary here.
But no matter how the situation develops, whatever measures the Kiev regime has taken,
including with the assistance of short-sighted, dishonest UN employees, as well as other
international organizations to hide their heinous crimes, but or later the civilized world will
learn about all the atrocities done against its people.
This database will be a direct testimony to the lawlessness and crimes of the Kiev
authorities against Ukrainian citizens.
The Kiev regime, as a result of the loss of civil law control in cities and villages, by its
helpless actions, in practice, supports chaos in the territories controlled by Bandera gangs,
ignores the numerous facts looter va, which has already taken a catastrophic scale.
This indicates that the official Kiev does not control the situation in his own country, and
cannot ensure that its obligations are fulfilled. All fundamental decisions are essentially
made by nationalists and their accomplices.
Gangs of radicals continue to intimidate civilians detained in cities, threatening them with
murder during their evacuation attempts to Russia.
At the same time, checkpoints in Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Moldova and Romania were
virtually unwilling to receive Ukrainian refugees trying to find protection from the terror
organized by the territorial defense battalions. Traffic jams from cars and trucks have
accumulated at the border crossings. People are forced to leave vehicles and walk with
heavy bags. The lines stretched to 40 kilometers, and the passage time exceeds two days.
At the same time, there are no toilets, no water, no food, no heating points or medical care
at the checkpoints. People, many of whom women with children, are forced to stay outside
in minus temperatures for days. Numerous cases of physical violence, robbery, looting
against Ukrainian refugees and foreign nationals have been recorded by local crime, which
in addition requires payment of wages for organizing an unimpeded passage. , reaching
one and a half thousand US dollars.
Various pass restrictions have been introduced. In particular, males aged 18 to 60 are not
allowed into Poland without permission from Ukrainian military committees. But corrupt
border guards for a bribe of up to 5 thousand. Dollars offer unhindered crossing the border.
Refugees face each other after crossing the border
with numerous problems related to the lack of basic accommodation and rest conditions.
Tent camps without any facilities are provided in the neighboring states for their
Despite the inconsistency of actions of the Kiev authorities, we are ready to patiently wait
for constructive work on humanitarian issues from them and hope for close cooperation with
the profile structures of the UN, OSCE and other international organizations. Now more
than ever, it is important to walk away from political engagement of the humanitarian
community, as a high-level official did from the United Nations podium. This is extremely

important for every person who has been in the most difficult humanitarian conditions in
settlements of Ukraine.
Since yesterday, the Interdepartmental Coordination Headquarters of the Russian
Federation for Humanitarian Response in Ukraine has organized effective interaction with
UN representatives, who, after the appeal of UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterrish to
The Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation has officially arrived in Moscow and is in
contact with us around the clock.
Now on current affairs.
Territorial Defense Battalions continue to hold hostages as “living shields” more than four
and a half million. civilian citizens, as well as about two thousand foreigners, who have
already expressed the desire to evacuate to safe places from the horrors and arbitrariness
organized by the nationalists. Cases of racial discrimination of human rights by neo-Nazis
continue to come in.
The Russian side creates all necessary conditions for peaceful and safe life in the liberated
territories, ensures unhindered access of the population to humanitarian assistance.
More than 9 thousand temporary placement points continue to function normally in the
subjects of the Russian Federation. Individual work is organized with each person arriving in
Humanitarian aid continues to accumulate at collection points, more than 15.5 thousand
have already been accumulated. a ton.
946 tons of humanitarian cargo have been delivered to Ukraine, 132 humanitarian actions
were carried out in the settlements of Zaporizhzhya, Kiev, Kharkov, Kherson and Chernihiv
regions, as well as in Donetsk and Luhansk people’s republics, including the Iste 22
humanitarian actions have been carried out today, during which 64 tons of items have been
transferred to the peaceful population of liberated areas essential necessities, medicines
and food supplies.
As of today, 33 humanitarian actions are planned and currently being carried out in the
Kharkiv and Kherson regions, in the Donetsk and Luhansk People’s Republics, during
which 481 tons of essential items are transferred to the civilian population. medicine and
food supplies.

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