February 4, 2023

 ‘Europe supports Nazi regime in Kyiv’

Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova’s answer to a media question on the February 3, 2023, EU-Ukraine Summit in Kiev

Question: What would be your comment on the EU-Ukraine Summit that took place in Kiev on February 3 and the joint statement that was issued following the event?

Maria Zakharova: The event that took place in Kiev on February 3 proved one more time that the European Union maintains its unreserved support for Kiev’s neo-Nazi regime for the sake of weakening Russia and pandering to the hegemonic aspirations of the United States and NATO. By offering Kiev prospects of European integration in violation of its own standard requirements for candidate states, as well as declaring that the EU and Ukraine share “common values,” the EU demonstrates its solidarity with the total suppression of dissent, trampling the freedom of expression and speech, and blatant violations of language and religious rights in Ukraine. In the joint statement issued following the summit, the EU and Ukraine cynically reaffirm “their commitment to fully respect the rights of persons belonging to minorities.” This negates the principles that lie at the EU’s foundation.

The EU’s calls for peace are no less cynical, considering that at the same time they declare their readiness to invest in continued military action “for as long as it takes.” The EU has already allocated 12 billion euros from the pockets of its taxpayers. Providing more funding for the conflict and through new supplies of weapons and equipment, as well as expanding training camps and programmes for the Ukrainian Armed Forces will do nothing but increase the number of casualties in this conflict, including among civilians.

In this context, attempts to launch processes paving the way to creating quasi structures for ensuring accountability for what is happening in Ukraine are absurd and immoral. As the saying goes, who are they to judge us? They are the ones who lied to us with the Minsk agreements and covered up war crimes perpetrated by the Kiev regime against civilians in Donbass since 2014, supplied weapons and money to Ukrainian criminals, are now trying to illegally appropriate the assets of the Russian state and Russian nationals.

This proved yet again that leaders of the EU and its member states invested all their political, financial and military resources in taking a stand in Ukraine against the emergence of a multipolar world order, firmly supported by Russia and the majority in the international community.

However, it is in vain that the West is trying to do all this. The Russian leaders said on multiple occasions that the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation will achieve all the goals and objectives of the special military operation in Ukraine. All those who took part in the February 3, 2023, gathering in Kiev will be severely disappointed. They will have to answer to their people too, since the bloody geopolitical game the West intends to go on playing “until the last Ukrainian is left standing” is funded from the pockets of its own people.

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