March 1, 2022

Operational information as of 12.00 pm March 1, 2022

It is the sixth day of the Russian military invasion of Ukraine.
Columns of armoured vehicles of the Russian aggressors slowed down the pace of the offensive
and have problems with security in Ukraine. Enemy troops are deprived of a systematic supply
of fuel and ammunition.
Being unsuccessful in capturing the oblasts centers of KHARKIV and CHERNIHIV, the
occupiers fired rockets at residential areas of these cities.
In addition, the Russian occupiers continue to surround the Ukrainian cities of SUMY,
LEBEDYN and OKHTYRKA, the enemy is regrouping in order to continue the offensive in the
direction of KYIV.
In the DONETSK region, enemy troops with forces 1, 2 Army Corps and 8 RF Armed Forces
units with the artillery support focused their efforts on capturing the Ukrainian city of
MARIUPOL. The goal of reaching the administrative borders of DONETSK and
LUHANSK regions was not achieved.
In the TAVRIYA direction, the enemy reached the border with the available forces in the areas
After regrouping the offensive actions to the direction of MYKOLAYIV continues.
There were cases of robberies and looting by the occupiers in the areas of BUCHA,
Despite the fact that the Russian Federation is a member country of the Geneva Conventions for
the Protection of Victims of War, its armed forces and the terrorist groups continue to
systematically and defiantly violate the norms of international humanitarian law in Ukraine.
Having lost offensive capabilities, the enemy concentrated on the encirclement of the city of
As of 12.00 on 01.03.2022, the approximate losses of weapons and military equipment of the
enemy of the RF Armed Force were: aircraft – 29 units, helicopters – 29 units, tanks – 198
units, APC – 846 units, Artillery systems – 77, air defence – 7 units, MLRS – 24 units, UAV – 3
units, Vehicles – 305 units, fuel tanks – 60, ships, boats – 2.

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