March 1, 2022


It was a historic day for our country yesterday. President of Ukraine Volodymyr
Zelensky has signed an application for Ukraine’s membership in the European
POLAND, SLOVAKIA and SLOVENIA have already called for Ukraine’s immediate
EU membership.
Military assistance
To protect Ukraine, a large amount of assistance continues to come from partners:
starting with bulletproof vests and helmets to portable anti-aircraft missile systems and
anti-tank systems.
The issue of strengthening the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is being
resolved in order to repel the enemy in the air even more.
For the first time in its history, FINLAND provides armaments: 2,500 automatic rifles,
150,000 rounds of ammunition, 1,500 disposable RPGs and 70,000 food kits.
SWEDEN provided military assistance for the first time since 1939. The Swedish
government is handing over 135,000 rations, 5,000 helmets, 5,000 bulletproof vests and
5,000 anti-tank weapons to Ukraine.
NORWAY has also made an exceptional decision in support of Ukraine, moving
away from a policy of non-provision of weapons to non-NATO countries at war.
OSLO sends us 2,000 anti-tank grenade launchers!
LUXEMBOURG provides Ukraine with anti-tank weapons. Neutral Austria will soon
send helmets, protective vests and fuel.
Russia’s international isolation is growing. The UNITED STATES, GREAT BRITAIN
and AUSTRALIA have announced new sanctions. SWITZERLAND joins EU sanctions
for the first time. Those who used to be neutral are now fighting with the Ukrainians
against the Russian invaders.
ASIA, which has previously taken a cautious stance, is also joining the anti-Putin
coalition. SINGAPORE imposes restrictions that include export controls, sanctions
against Russian banks, the termination of flights.
Our partners are also inflicting devastating blows on the Central Bank of Russia.
CANADA has banned all financial institutions from conducting any transactions with the
Central Bank of the Russian Federation. Canada has also announced its intention to
suspend oil imports from Russia.

MONACO, which is loved by the Russia’s rich people, will strike at the Russian
establishment and impose sanctions identical to EU restrictions.
Humanitarian aid
Humanitarian aid is coming from all over the world. The necessary cargoes have already
Last night, the UNITED KINGDOM sent the first shipment of medical supplies to
POLAND. In total, LONDON has allocated 40 million pounds for humanitarian aid. And
this is only a small part of the help that friends from all over the world give us.
International isolation
With each shelling of a Ukrainian city or town, Russia is increasingly isolating itself from
the world. The number of states that have closed their airspace to Russian aircraft has
expanded. Now ALBANIA has joined them. In addition, Russia now faces mass closures
and restrictions on sea travel. The UNITED KINGDOM is working on a legislative
solution to prevent Russian ships from entering British ports.
A few days ago, the European Broadcasting Union announced that no Russian artist
would take part in this year’s song contest, and yesterday FIFA and UEFA decided to
exclude Russian national teams and clubs from participating in competitions under their
The UNITED STATES is sending 12 Russian diplomats from the UN mission to increase
pressure on Russia.
«The international anti-Putin coalition is working. Ukrainian diplomacy provides a
reliable rear for our military. With such courageous soldiers and such large-scale support
from the world, we will force the invaders to stop the aggression. Glory to Ukraine!» —
stated the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Dmytro Kuleba.

Government Office for the Coordination of European
and Euro-Atlantic Integration

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