March 7, 2022

Peculiarities of Russia’s open armed aggression against Ukraine

Russian Defense Ministry

(as at 8 a.m. /Kyiv time/ March 7)

Russian aggressor is regrouping and aggravating his forces for seizure of Kyiv,
Chernihiv, Sumy, Kharkiv, Mariupol and Mykolaiv. For POL supply issue
development, Russian command is working out construction of field pipeline from
Mozyr (Belarus) to one of the logistics hub on the captured Ukrainian territory.
Aggressor cynically implicated terrorist methods – launches missile-air strikes
on the residential areas and civil objects with massive losses among civilian
Moreover, Kremlin has claimed about intentions to perform air strikes on the
defense industry enterprises in Kyiv.
Considering significant losses in personnel and in order to reinforce offensive
grouping, enemy is relocating additional units from Eastern MD, National Guard
Service troops and Russian private military companies.
Operational environment
Invader’s troops are advancing towards Pollisskyi, Siverskiy, Tavriyskyi, and
Southern Bug operational zones.
In most cases Russian troops try to avoid direct combats with Ukrainian Armed
Force instead launch missile-air strikes on civil and critical infrastructure objects.
There are destructions of dozens residential buildings, damages of electricity and gas
supply network with numerous casualties among civilian as a result of shelling of
Zhytomyr, Korosten, Kharkiv, Irpin and Mykolaiv.
For further implication of high precision weapon systems on objects on the
territory of Ukraine, Russia has replenished its stocks of air-to-surface guided
missiles (from Eastern MD arsenals) and “Kaliber”-type sea-based cruise missiles
(for Black Sea Fleet and Caspian Flotilla ships).
Enemy is likely to take decision to extend the circle of Kyiv blockade for the
expanse of seizure of Korosten, Zhytomyr and Bila Tserkva (main task – blockade of
materiel and humanitarian assistance supply routes). Korosten is a potential logistics hub
for forces grouping supply (especially with POL). For this purpose, field pipeline from
Mozyr refinery plant.
Pollisskyi operational zone
Enemy is regrouping its units as well as preparing positions and areas with
developed engineering fortifications.
Airborne and naval infantry troops are preparing for Irpin River crossing with
further advancing towards north-western approaches of Kyiv.
Siverskiy operational zone
Enemy is trying to completely surround Chernihiv city. There is a field hospital
deployed in the area of Pryputni.
Slobozhanskyi operational zone


Occupant’s forces have aggravated its forces grouping for another attempt to
capture Kharkiv with air reconnaissance of northern and eastern outskirts of the city
by “Forpost” type UAV.
Airstrip near Trostyanets is being under reconstruction, possibly for army
aviation deployment there.
Tavriyskyi operational zone
Russian aggressor is regrouping his troops for further offense towards
Zaporizhzhya. For temporary deployment of army and transport aviation of Russian
armed forces, enemy is rebuilding the airstrip on Melitopol airfield.
Southern Bug operational zone
Enemy keeps advancing on two directions to northeast from Mykolayiv
(probably towards Kropyvnytskiy and Kryvyi Rih).
Azov-Black Seas operational zone
Considering unfavorable weather conditions, active phase of naval landing on
Ukrainian part of Black Sea shore near Odessa is postponed. Meanwhile, enemy
performed fire strike on Tuzly village (West from Odesa).
Russian Armed Forces terrorist activity
Russian Federation is purposefully raising the level of pressure on the top state
leadership of Ukraine by shelling critical infrastructure facilities which can endanger
lives of civilians and lead to large-scale man-made disasters. In particular, Russian
troops shelled by MLRS the Kharkiv Institute of Physics and Technology which
houses operating nuclear reactor for carrying out scientific researches and a storage
facility for nuclear materials.
At the same time, Russia is taking measures to close the access of Russian
citizens to the global network, including social networks such as “Facebook”,
“Twitter” and others. Instead, it is planned to move to a closed Russian segment of
the internet.
In order to manipulate public opinion and controlled coverage of events related
to a “special military operation” of Russian troops in Ukraine Kremlin plans to create
propaganda reports in the occupied territories with the participation of Russian TV
channels “Zvezda” and “Pervyi”.

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