April 2, 2022

Russia claims destruction of Ukraine weapons depots

Russian Defense Ministry

Briefing of the Ministry of Defense of Russia (02.04.2022 )

▫️ Subdivisions of the Lugansk People’s Republic are developing an offence on the positions of the Ukrainian 57 motorcycle brigade, blocking the settlement Borovskoye from the east and south. Up to 30 Ukrainian nationalists and five units of armored equipment have been destroyed.

💥 On the day of April 2, high-speed air-base missiles in the areas of Lozovaya and Pavlograd railway stations were destroyed: armored tank equipment, ammunition and fuel tanks aimed to strengthen the group of Ukrainian troops in Donbass is.

💥 The Mirgorod military airport in the Poltava region was also under construction and several Ukrainian combat helicopters and aircraft were discovered on its masked parking lot, as well as storage with fuel and aircraft were destroyed.

💥 As a result of a high-precision blow by the Iskander operative and tactical complex on the defense headquarters in the city of Kharkov, it was confirmed that the destruction of more than 100 nationalists and mercenaries from western countries.

💥During a day of operational and tactical aviation of the Russian CCC, 28 military facilities of Ukraine were defeated. Among them: two warehouses of missile and artillery, as well as 23 areas of military equipment focus Ukrainian Armed Forces .

📊 In total, since the beginning of a special military operation, 125 planes and 88 helicopters have been destroyed, 381 unmanned aircraft, 1888 tanks and other armed vehicles, 205 installations of fire jet systems, 793 field weapons war of artillery and mortar, as well as 1771 units of special military automobile equipment.

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