March 25, 2022

Russia claims to capture five Ukraine towns

Russian Defense Ministry

The grouping of troops of the Russian Armed Forces advanced another 4 kilometers overnight and captured Batmanka, Mikhailovka, Krasny Partizan, Stavki and Troitskoe. Currently developing an offensive against units of the 25th Airborne Brigade of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

▫️In the evening of March 24, Kalibr high-precision sea-based cruise missiles struck a fuel base in Kalinovka near Kiev. The largest remaining fuel base of the Armed Forces of Ukraine was destroyed. This base supplied military units in the central part of the country with fuel.

🚁💥 The group of “Night Hunters” consisting of Ka-52 and Mi-28n helicopters destroyed 24 pieces of military equipment, including 7 tanks, 5 infantry fighting vehicles and 3 armored personnel carriers during night strikes.

✈️💥Operational-tactical and army aviation hit 51 military assets of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. Among them: 2 command posts, 3 multiple launch rocket systems, 2 Buk M-1 anti-aircraft missile systems and 1 radar station for target illumination and targeting of S-300 anti-aircraft missile system near Dnepropetrovsk, 3 D-30 artillery mounts, 2 missile and artillery weapons depots, as well as 26 areas of military equipment concentration.

💥Russian air defence means shot down 2 Ukrainian unmanned aerial vehicle in the air over Boromlya, Borshchevaya, Oleshnya and Usoki.

💥In total, 261 unmanned aerial vehicles, 204 anti-aircraft missile systems, 1,587 tanks and other armored combat vehicles, 163 multiple launch rocket systems, 636 field artillery and mortars, as well as 1,397 units of special military vehicles of the Armed Forces of Ukraine were destroyed during the operation.

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