March 31, 2022

Russia claims to destroy Ukrainian helicopters

Russian Defense Ministry

Briefing of the Ministry of Defense of Russia (31.03.2022 )

▫️ Troops of the Lugansk People’s Republic continue aggressive actions on the outskirts of Severodonetsk, advancing in a deep day of defense of the 57 separate motor brigade for 2 kilometers.

💥 More than 40 people of the Ukrainian brigade, three BMPs, three cars of different purposes and two field warehouses of rocket-artillery weapons were destroyed.

▫️Grouping of troops of the Donetsk People’s Republic, continuing the attack, established control over a part of the population of Novobakhmutovka. There is a fight with units of the 25th Ukrainian Airborne Brigade on the outskirts of the Novoselovk Second settlement. More than 50 nationalists, one tank, four BMPs, ammunition warehouse, and a column of fuel tankers from five cars were destroyed in a day.

💥 During the day, 28 military units of Ukraine were affected by operational and tactical aviation. Among them: four team points, three missile artillery field warehouses, four fuel tanks and 6 areas of concentration of Ukrainian military equipment.

💥 One Ukrainian Mi-24 helicopter 30 kilometers west of the city of Izyum, as well as 4 Ukrainian drone drone in the air was shot down in the air with anti-aircraft defense of the Russian Air-Space Forces in the areas of Tamarino settlements , Lisichansk and Volnovaha.

▫️On the morning of March 31, the Kiev regime attempted to evacuate from the city of Mariupol with two Mi-8 helicopters of the Regiment of Ukrainian nationalists “Azov” was carried out by the Kiev regime.

💥 According to the calculations of the portable zenit missile complex of the People’s Police of the Donetsk Republic from the Trophy American complex “Stinger” one Ukrainian Mi-8 helicopter was shot down and fell in the area of the Rybatskoye settlement.

💥 The second Ukrainian Mi-8 – was damaged from a rocket hit, fled towards the sea, but suffered a crash 20 kilometers from the shore.

📊 In total, since the beginning of a special military operation, 124 planes and 80 helicopters, 345 unmanned aircraft, 1826 tanks and other armored vehicles have been destroyed, 195 units of fire jet systems, 766 floor weapons Evo artillery and mortars, as well as 1704 units of special military automobile equipment.

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