April 18, 2022

Russia fires missile at Ukrainian logistics command in Lviv

Russian Defense Ministry

The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation continue a special military operation in Ukraine.

💥 On the morning of April 18, high-performance missiles of the Russian CCC in the area of Lviv, a strike on the 124th joint center for ensuring the back of the command of the logistics forces of Ukrainian troops. The logistics center and large foreign armed parties that have arrived in Ukraine in the last 6 days from the United States and European countries have been destroyed.

💥 In addition, a large warehouse of ammunition was destroyed in the area of the Vasilkov settlement of the Kiev region.

💥 During the day, 16 Ukrainian military objects were destroyed by high-intensity air-based missiles of Russian air-space forces.

💥 Among them: two control points, two support points of units of Ukrainian troops, as well as places of focus of personal and military equipment of the enemy in the areas of the settlements Popasnaya, Barvenkovo and Red Liman.

💥 Operative and tactical aviation of the Russian CCC attacked 84 military objects of Ukraine.

Destroyed :

◽️ In Dnepropetrovsk, a factory for repair of the main parts of tactical missiles “Point-U”;

◽️ in the area of the Green Field settlement, the command point of the territorial defense battalion;

◽️ in the area of the settlement of Chervonaya Polyana two ammunition warehouses and a fuel storage.

💥 47 districts of the enemy’s vitality with military equipment and 22 fire artillery positions of Ukrainian troops were also affected.

💥 Missile troops and artillery attacked the 331st military object. Nine control points, a warehouse of missile-artillery weapons, as well as 315 districts of the enemy’s vitality concentration in the neighborhoods of Popasnaya and Novomayorskoye were injured.

💥 As a result of an attack in the area of the Novotoshkovskaya settlement, up to 120 nationalists and 9 units of military equipment were destroyed.

📊 In total, since the beginning of a special military operation, 139 planes, 483 unmanned aircraft, 250 zenit missile complexes, 2337 tanks and other armored vehicles have been destroyed, 254 installations of light-fire jet systems no, 1009 weapons of field artillery and mortem, as well as 2196 units of special military automobile equipment.

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