March 11, 2022

Russian agression

Ukraine Defense Ministry

After the failure of Putin`s plan of “Blitzkreig” war against Ukraine by Russian Armed Forces, Kremlin began to look for allies for his aggression. He appealed to his CSTO allies, but none of them wanted to get involved in the Kremlin`s crime adventure. He has only one so-called ally left  – an impostor, the dictator of Belarus Lukashenko, who is completely dependent on Putin`s will.

         However, Lukashenko had difficulties with his enslaved people. Even the Armed Forces of  Belarus did not want to fight under Putin`s flag in the Kremlin`s dirty war of aggression. Belarussian troops staitioned along Ukrain`s border openly sabotaged Lukashenko`s criminal unconstitutional orders.

         The Kremlin-controlled dictator of Belarus, betraying Ukraine, allowed Russian troops to invade across the Belarussian border in the direction of Kiev. This way is the shortest, thrue the dangerous radiation zone of Chernobyl. He also deployd Russian Iskander ballistic missiles firing at peaceful ukrainian cities, killing children, women and old people from Belarussian territory.

         Despite the rocket attacks and the invasion of the occupying forces of RF from the territory of Belarus, Ukrainian leadership showed restraint and did not strike back, realizing that the people of Belarus are not guilty, have already de-facto been captured by Russian invaders with the permission of Lukashenko.

         However, Putin, enraged by the falure of his plans and the colossal losses of his armed forces in Ukraine, demanded that his vassal Lukashenko participate the hostilities.

         On the morning of March 11, in the Kremlin, two criminal dictators were negotiating how they could avoid defeat in the war against Ukraine. It was desided to organize a provocation, creating casus belly to start a war betqeen Belarus and Ukraine.

         To implement these plans, Russian pilots from the Dubrovitsa air base on the territory of Belarus, committed a provocation dangerous for the Ukrainian and Belarussian citizens.

         At 14:30 russian  attack aircraft from the air base in Dubrovitsa flew into the territory of Ukraine, turned around and attacked from Ukrainian territory the Kopani village (Stolin district, Brest region of Belarus). They decided to consolidate the effect of the provocation by shelling the belorus territory with artillery. There is information about the provocative Russian shelling of the villages Bukhlichi and Verkhniy Terebezhov in Bielorus  allegedly “from Ukrainian territory”.

         During the day, the little Bielarus Fuhrer Lukashenko repeatedly reported to the big Russian Fuhrer Putin in the Kremlin about the progress of the “operation” and it is likely that he was instructed to start full scale military operation of the Bielarussian army on the Bielarussian-Ukrainian section of the border no later than 21:00 on March 11, 2022.

         Thas, two international criminals-dictators from Moscow and Minsk desided to intensify the war at times throughout Ukraine under a false pretext.

 Ukraine calls on the entire civilized international community to immediately stop these maniaks and scoundrels who are plunging not only Ukraine, but all of Europe into a large-scale war before it`s too late.

         To do this, the leadership of NATO, The United States of America, The Greate Britain and other influential countries must immediately take measures to counter the inevitable increase in air and other attacks by Russia and Belarus.

         Ukraine calls on the UN and OSCE to immidiately abandon the position of “concern” and exclude Russia from the Security Council and from the UN in general, along with Belarus, as those countries that deliberately and cynically violate the UN charter and lead the World to global catastrophe.

         In addition Ukraine stated, that in any case, it would give a resolute rebuff to the regimes of Putin and Lukashenko. Those dictators will surely end their criminal activities in the International war crimes tribunal.  

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