May 9, 2023

Russian Ambassador to US, Anatoly Antonov: US blocked WW II veterans from attending Moscow Victory Parade

May 9, 2023

(From remarks posted on the Russian Embassy Facebook Page)

The upsurge of Russophobia in the United States on the eve of Great Victory Day celebrations catches the eye. The U.S. authorities not only do not prevent the erasure of everything related to Russia, but they themselves are trying to stir up hysteria in every possible way.

☝️.png There are brazen attempts to falsify the facts of World War II. The decisive contribution of the Red Army to the defeat of fascism is ignored. And the Soviet Union is excluded from the number of winners. At the same time, the role of the United States and Great Britain is undeservedly advertised.

The No. 1 guest at all of events here is the Ukrainian ambassador from the Zelensky regime. A regime that cultivates the Banderites. This disgrace is a mockery of history and common sense.

👉.png It is striking that the local press ignores Victory Day. Apparently, it is inconvenient to mark the date and not mention the selfless feat of the Red Army.

‼️.png Tonight Russophobes desecrated an Orthodox chapel in the Russian section of the cemetery in Washington. Driven by the anti-Russian hatred, perpetrators encroached on the sacred. The church was ransacked. Doors and windows were broken, icons defaced, and murals painted over. Many resting places of Russian believers were vandalized.

We urge the American authorities to come to their senses and stop indulging the Nazis for opportunistic reasons. We must be honest before the fallen heroes. Stop distorting history. Encouraging neo-Nazism and Russophobia is unacceptable.

❌.png For the second year in a row, the efforts of the U.S. administration disrupted the trip of American participants in World War II to the Victory Parade. Unprecedented pressure was put on the veterans. They were even intimidated by the revocation of their passports, so that they could not fly to Russia and take part in the celebration of the 78th anniversary of the Great Victory. American veterans had waited so long to go to Moscow. They hoped to see the Red Square and embrace their brothers in arms. They realize that next year this will be even harder to do. The U.S. authorities essentially did not let the dream of the veterans from coming true, prevented another embrace of the veterans, now in the center of Moscow.

🤝.png This move is insulting not only to the veterans who fought against Nazism, but to all those who remember the sacred feat. We want American veterans to know that Russia is proud of their contribution to the common victory. Hostile U.S. policy will not undermine the spirit of World War II fighting camaraderie. We consider it our duty to defend the truth about the heroes.

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