July 20, 2023

Russian ambassador to US: claim that Russia preparing to attack civilian shipping in Black Sea a ‘Pure falsification’

Ambassador Anatoly Antonov‘s answer to a media question

❓.png: Dear Ambassador Antonov, how could you comment on the statements of the National Security Council Spokesperson Adam Hodge on the U.S. allegedly having information indicating that Russia is planning sabotage against civilian vessels in the Black Sea?

💬.png Anatoly Antonov: First of all, let me emphasize that this remarks completely contradict our approaches. Unlike the US authorities, which continue turning a blind eye to the terrorist attacks of their mentees in Kiev, we have always been at the forefront of the fight against such crimes.

❌.png Attempts to attribute to Russia the preparation of some attacks on civilian ships are pure falsification. It’s no secret that the Administration does not disdain the vilest anti-Russian information provocations. Suffice it to recall the shameful fake news about Bucha, the Kakhovka Hydroelectric Power Plant and the Zaporozhye NPP. Not to mention indulging Kiev in attacks on the Crimean Bridge, use of cluster munitions, UAV raids on residential areas and assassinations of journalists. Along the same lines, the desire to mothball the investigation into the explosion of the Nord Stream gas pipelines.

☝️.pngWe regard the U.S. statements as an attempt to disguise by any means its own destructive activities, aimed at the de facto sabotage of the implementation of the interrelated Istanbul agreements. As well as to discourage representatives of the Global South from cooperation with Russia. Undermine confidence in our country, which, not in words but in deeds, helps developing nations with the supply of food and fertilizers, including free of charge.

👉.png It is especially indicative that the Administration is becoming more active with such insinuations on the eve of major international fora. And now a new round of false propaganda precedes the upcoming second Russia-Africa Summit scheduled for the end of July in St. Petersburg and the BRICS Summit in August

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