April 4, 2023

Russian army advances two kilometers daily in eastern Ukraine, Defense Ministry claims

Russian Defense Ministry

Units of the People’s Militia of the Lugansk Republic, continuing the attack, advanced 2 kilometers in a day and blocked the settlements of Novotoshkovskoe, Borovskoe and Metelkino.

💥 The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation continued to strike on the objects of the military infrastructure of Ukraine. During the day, 17 military facilities of Ukraine were affected by the operational and tactical aviation of the Russian Federation of Russia. Among them: two command points and a linkage, two ammunition warehouses and one fuel storage, as well as 11 support points and areas of the Ukrainian troops.

💥 Two unmanned aircraft were shot down in the air with Russian anti-aircraft defense tools in the area of the settlement Severodonetsk.

📊 In total, since the beginning of a special military operation, 125 planes, 91 helicopters, 394 unmanned aircraft, 226 zenite missile complexes, 1948 tanks and other armed war machines have been destroyed, 212 jet systems installations light fire, 838 weapons of field artillery and mortem, as well as 1842 units of special military automobile equipment.

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