June 2, 2023

Russian Defense Ministry: 50 insurgents killed after crossing into Russia from Ukraine

Russian Defense Ministry

This morning on 1 June 2023, as a result of the competent and selfless actions of the Zapad Group of Forces, another new attempt by the Kiev regime to carry out a terrorist attack against civilians in Shebekino in the Belgorod region was thwarted.

◽At 03.57 a.m., after an hour of intensive artillery fire at the Shebekino international road checkpoint on the Russian-Ukrainian border and residential areas of Novaya Tavolzhanka, the enemy, made up of three armoured fighting vehicles, four pick-up trucks, and 30 militants, attempted to attack in the direction of Volchansk, the Shebekino international road checkpoint.

💥 Western Military District artillery fire hit the enemy, destroying an armoured combat vehicle and up to ten militants. The enemy withdrew in the direction of Pletenevka.

◽️ Additionally, a group made up of 15 militants made an effort to enter the Russian Federation from the left bank of the Seversky Donets River, heading toward Gatishchevo near Novaya Tavolzhanka. Russian gunfire neutralised the rest of the Ukrainian terrorists after they be blown up by land mines.

💥 At the same time, another Ukrainian terrorist group consisting of 20 militants and two armored fighting vehicles was advancing along the right bank of the Seversky Donets towards Novaya Tavolzhanka. During a small arms battle with units covering the state border of the Western Military District, the enemy was dispersed. 

◽️ The enemy lost eight fighters and one armored fighting vehicle.

◽At 04.45 a.m., the units covering the state border of the Western Military District were reinforced by an armored group.

◽At 04.57 a.m., helicopters of the Russian Aerospace Forces launched two strikes on the territory of Ukraine against enemy reserves in the areas of Ogurtsovo and Gatishche.

◽From 06.05 a.m. to 06.45 a.m., Ukrainian terrorist formations, having increased their efforts, made another attempt to break into Russian territory from the areas of Pletnevka and Volchansk. A total of up to 70 fighters, five tanks, four armored fighting vehicles, seven pick-up trucks, and one Kamaz truck were involved in the attack.

💥 From 06.10 a.m. to 06.50 a.m., the enemy was hit by heavy flamethrower systems, Missile Troops and Artillery of the Western Military District. As a result, the enemy withdrew in the direction of Zhovtnevoye after suffering losses.

◽️ During the battle, Ukrainian terrorists lost 12 fighters, two armored fighting vehicles, and one pick-up truck. 

💥 From 07.00 a.m. to 09.50 a.m., nine strikes were launched by the Russian Army Aviation in the areas of Ogurtsovo, Pletenevka, Staritsa, and Volchansk targeting retreating terrorists and enemy reserves.

📊 In total, more than 50 Ukrainian terrorists, four armored fighting vehicles, a BM-21 Grad MLRS, and one pick-up truck were annihilated in the Ukrainian territory at the border area.

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