August 13, 2022

Russian Defense Ministry: Russia claims conquest of Peski in Donetsk, but Ukraine says the fighting continues

Russian Defense Ministry

Russian Defence Ministry report on the progress of the special military operation in Ukraine

▫️The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation continue the special military operation in Ukraine.

▫️Allied Forces offensive resulted in the complete liberation of Peski in Donetsk People’s Republic.

💥High-precision long-range sea- and land-based missiles and multiple rocket launchers struck enemy reserves near Gavrilovka railway station, Kharkov Region, eliminating over 70 servicemen and wounding over 300 of them from 30th Mechanized Brigade of AFU. Movement on this section of the railway is completely blocked.

💥High-precision strikes of the Russian Aerospace Forces against a temporary deployment point of 10th Mountain Assault Brigade near Pereyezdnoye in Donetsk People’s Republic have destroyed up to 170 nationalists and 12 pieces of military equipment.

▫️During Allied Forces offensive near Artemivsk in Donetsk People’s Republic, 2 companies of 72nd Mechanised Brigade have been completely destroyed. 

As a result of concentrated strikes on command posts of 66th Mechanized Brigade units and Right Sector armed formation near Starye Terny in Donetsk People’s Republic, more than 100 nationalists and 10 pieces of military equipment have been destroyed.

💥Operational-tactical and army aviation, missile troops and artillery strikes continue against military facilities in Ukraine.

▫️HIMARS rocket launcher and its ammunition depot have been destroyed near Kramatorsk, Donetsk People’s Republic.

▫️2 Mi-24 helicopters of Ukrainian air force have been destroyed at helipad near Domanyovka, Nikolaev Region.

▫️4 command posts, 143 areas of manpower, arms, military and special equipment concentration have also been hit.

💥As part of counter-battery warfare, 2 platoons of Grad multiple-launch rocket systems near Soledar and Artemivsk, 3 artillery platoons of Acatsiya guns and 5 platoons of D-30 howitzers at firing positions near Maiorsk, Dzerzhinsk, Zvanovka, Seversk, Pereyezdnoye, Yakovlevka, Fedorovka and Vyemka in Donetsk People’s Republic have been suppressed.

💥Russian air defence means have destroyed 4 Ukrainian unmanned aerial vehicles near Tsentralnoye in Nikolayev Region, Suligovka, Shestakovo and Dmitrovka, Kharkov Region.

▫️In addition, 4 HIMARS rockets have been shot down in the air near Novaya Kakhovka, Kherson region.

📊In total, 267 Ukrainian airplanes and 148 helicopters, 1,736 unmanned aerial vehicles, 365 anti-aircraft missile systems, 4,297 tanks and other armored combat vehicles, 798 multiple launch rocket systems, 3,295 field artillery and mortars, as well as 4,858 units of special military vehicles were destroyed during the operation.

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