July 8, 2022

Russian Defense Ministry: Russia claims destruction of UK-donated missile systems

Russian Defense Ministry

State Secretary and Deputy Minister of Defence of the Russian Federation, Nikolai Pankov, has presented awards to the servicemen who had shown courage and heroism during the special military operation within his inspection of Central MD units.

💥High-precision sea-based weapons near Liman, Odessa Region have destroyed 2 Harpoon coastal missile systems delivered from the UK. Russian Aerospace Forces’ Su-35s have shot down MiG-29and Su-25 aircraft of Ukrainian air force near Lazarevka, Nikolaev Region.

⚠️ It has been reliably elicited that Ukrainian authorities ordered to conduct punitive policing in Nikolayev in order to detect and publicly punish pro-Russian citizens, as well as individuals who show their dissatisfaction with the policies of the Kiev regime.

⚠️ Western mass media spread a falsificated information about the intention of the authorities of the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) fully supported by Russia to establish a national fleet formed by vessels confiscated in the port of Mariupol. This information does not correspond to the reality. In this way, the Ukrainian side is trying to discredit the action of the Russian Federation related to restoring the liberated territories and to accuse the DPR of violating international maritime law with regard to foreign-flagged vessels in the port of Mariupol.

💣 Western MD engineering and sapper units demining the liberated settlements in Kharkov region.

🗂 Russian Defence Ministry has launched a new multimedia historical section ‘Odessa Gained Freedom’ dedicated to the liberation of this Hero-City during the Great Patriotic War

▫️The documents published within this section include records from personal diaries about the atrocities of Nazi invaders and data on monuments installed over the common graves to honour the memory of the heroes who lost their lives during the fights for Odessa.

Marshal Shaposhnikov frigate, Gremyashchy corvette and Pechenga medium-sized sea tanker have returned to Vladivostokafter fulfilling their tasks in the far maritime area.

🇷🇺 Russia celebrated the Day of Air Defence Troops.

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