July 7, 2022

Russian Defense Ministry: Russian forces claim to have inflicted over 2,000 casualties on one Ukrainian mechanized brigade

Russian Defense Ministry

⚠️Russian Defence Ministry has held a briefing on the results of an analysis of documents concerning US military and biological activities in Ukraine. The available materials indicate that Metabiota was only a front for dubious tasks in terms of international law and is used by the US political elite to carry out non-transparent financial activities in various regions of the world. Among other things, documents have been obtained testifying to the plans of Metabiota and the Ukrainian Science and Technology Center to study the Ebola virus in Ukraine. Given the fact that the disease is not endemic and, moreover, has never been recorded in Ukraine, there is a legitimate question about the need for such research and its true purpose. According to available information, during inpatient treatment of AFU servicemen in medical institutions, a lack of therapeutic effect was recorded when antibacterial drugs were administered. High concentrations of antibiotics, including sulphonyl-amides and fluoro-quinolones, were detected in their blood. This fact may indicate prophylactic administration of antibiotics and preparation of personnel to perform tasks in conditions of biological contamination, such as cholera pathogen, which indirectly confirms the information of the Russian Ministry of Defense about the planning of the use of biological agents by Ukrainian special units. 

💥 As a result of Russian Aerospace Forces high-precision weapons strikes on Ukrainian combat positions in Soledar direction, the total losses of the 24th Mechanized Brigade of AFUalready amount to about 2.5 thousand people, or 60 per cent of its personnel. 79th Airborne Assault Brigade of AFU has been almost completely destroyed, with losses exceeding 80 per cent of its personnel.

💥 Amid military failures and a massive retreat of Ukrainian forces in Donbass, on the night of July 7, the Kiev regime attempted to symbolically deliver the flag to Snake Island. Around 5am, several Ukrainian soldiers boarded the island from a motorboat and were photographed with the flag. Russian Aerospace Forces aircraft immediately struck Snake Island with high-precision missiles, killing some of the Ukrainian troops. The survivors fled in the direction of Primorske, Odessa region.

⚠️Russian Joint Coordination Headquarters for Humanitarian Response continues to record numerous instances of criminal actions by the Kiev regime against civilians.

🚀Space Forces combat crews launch Soyuz-2.1b medium-class rocket carrying Glonass spacecraft from Plesetsk Cosmodrome located in Arkhangelsk region.

📹 Footage of Grad multiple-launch rocket system crews of Western MD in the course of combat missions to destroy AFU positions, as well as crews of Ka-52 reconnaissance attack helicopters and Mi-8AMTSh transport attack helicopters of army aviation during the special military operation has been published.

🇷🇺Central MD’s units carry out combat missions during the special military operation to replenish combat capabilities of equipment.

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