October 10, 2022

Russian Defense Ministry: Russian forces launched a ‘massive, high-precision long-range attack’ against Ukrainian ‘facilities of military control’ and energy systems

Russian Defense Ministry

Russian Defence Ministry report on the progress of the special military operation in Ukraine (October 10, 2022)

The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation continue the special military operation.

💥 Today, Russian Armed Forces launched a massive high-precision long-range attack at the facilities of military control, communications and energy systems of Ukraine.

◽️ The goal of the attack has been reached. All the assigned targets have been neutralised.

◽️ 4 enemy company tactical groups were making unsuccessful attempts to launch an offensive towards Kislovka, Tabayevka (Kharkov region) and Kuzemovka at Kupyansk direction.

◽️ All the attacks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) have been repelled. The enemy has lost over 40 personnel, 5 tanks, 4armoured combat vehicles and 15 motor vehicles.

◽️ AFU units made unsuccessful attempts to cross Zherebets river near Makeyevka and Raygorodok (Lugansk People’s Republic) at Krasny Liman direction.

💥 Concentrated fire attacks launched by missile troops and artillery have resulted in frustrating all the attempts of the AFU to install ferries across the river.

◽️ Up to 3 battalion tactical groups and 1 foreign mercenaries’ unit were conducting an offensive towards Bruskinskoye, Bezymennoye, Sadok and Sukhanovo (Kherson region) at Nikolayev-Krivoy Rog direction.

💥 Intense action of Russian forces has resulted in driving the enemy back to its initial positions. 

◽️ AFU have lost over 60 personnel, 9 tanks, 16 armoured combat vehicles and 17 motor vehicles at the abovementioned direction.

💥 Operational-tactical and army aviation, missile troops and artillery have neutralised 6 AFU command posts near Verkhnekamenskoye, Bakhmutskoye, Artyomovsk and Ugledar (Donetsk People’s Republic), Pavlovka (Zaporozhye region) and Blagodarovka (Nikolayev region), as well as 52 artillery units at their firing positions, 143 manpower and military equipment concentration areas.

◽️ 5 missile, artillery armament and munitions depots have been destroyed near Seversk, Avdeyevka and Shevchenko (Donetsk People’s Republic), Novoaleksandrovka (Zaporozhye region) and Bereznegovatoye (Nikolayev region).

◽️ 2 storages of fuel for the AFU have been destroyed near Dnepropetrovsk and Pavlograd (Dnepropetrovsk region).

💥 Fighter aviation of Russian Aerospace Forces has shot down 1 MiG-29 of Ukrainian Air Force near Belaya Krinitsa (Kherson region).

💥 Air defence facilities have destroyed 6 unmanned aerial vehicles near Nikolayevka (Lugansk People’s Republic), Petrovskoye, Veleryanovka, Kodema (Donetsk People’s Republic), Chervony Yar and Mylovoye (Kherson region).

◽️ Moreover, 6 projectiles launched by U.S.-manufactured HIMARSMLRS near Kazatskoye, Otradokamenka, Chervonoye Podolye and Novaya Kakhovka (Kherson region), as well as 3 HARM anti-radar missiles near Antonovka (Kherson region).

◽️ In addition, 1 Tochka-U ballistic missile has been shot down over Vysokoye (Kherson region).

📊 In total, 318 airplanes and 159 helicopters, 2,188 unmanned aerial vehicles, 379 air defence missile systems, 5,604 tanks and other armoured combat vehicles, 866 combat vehicles equipped with MLRS, 3,462 field artillery cannons and mortars, as well as 6,463 units of special military vehicles have been destroyed during the special military operation.

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