May 28, 2022

Russian Embassy in Washington: Russia accuses media of ‘criminal indifference’ to the actions of ‘Ukrainian radicals’ with ’Nazi ideology’

Russian Defense Ministry

We have paid attention to the report of the NGO New Lines Institute for Strategy and Policy, which is circulated in American media, in which Russia is accused of inciting genocide in Ukraine. The next Russophobic insinuations are part of the West-directed campaign to demonize the Russian Armed Forces.

On the ground, things are exactly the opposite. Humanitarian aid is being increased in the regions of Ukraine controlled by the Russian Armed Forces. To meet the needs of the population, erosion of tons of food products, medicines and essential items were sent. The Russian side guarantees the safety of humanitarian corridors. Forces of the Russian Navy have eliminated a mine hazard in the aquarium of Mariupol port, measures to restore the port infrastructure continue, conditions for the functioning of two marine rubber corridors have been created. In addition, more than 190 hectares of the territory of the LPR and the Donetsk People’s Republic have been cleared of explosive objects by Russian demining units.

The American public should pay attention to the facts and stop the criminal indifference to the actions of Ukrainian radicals who, under the cover of the needs of territorial defense forces , steal money and cars from civilians, open a riot fire on refugees, terrorize and torture anyone who doesn’t share their Nazi ideology. In the Velikonovoselovsky district of the Donetsk People’s Republic, the militants of the “Right Sector” openly call for the genocide of the Russian-speaking population and the Greek diaspora. Such actions, encouraged by the Ukrainian authorities, are real acts of terror and war crimes

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