June 11, 2022

Russian envoy to US accuses Ukraine of ‘open genocide’ against Russian speakers in E. Ukraine

A solemn reception on the occasion of Russia Day was held at the Embassy of Russia in the United States. Ambassador Antony Antonov spoke to the guests of the event with a welcoming word.

💬 Dear friends,

🔹 Thank you all for coming to celebrate Russia Day. I am confident that all present share the kindest and warmest feelings towards our country, its achievements, cultural traditions and contribution to global progress.

🔹 Russia Day is a young holiday celebrating its thirtieth anniversary this year. Nevertheless, it has a deep meaning for all Russians, symbolizing the more than a thousand-year historical path of our Motherland.

🔹 Over its centuries-old history, the Russian state has repeatedly faced harsh challenges. He experienced many turning points. In different years, the independence of the Fatherland was encroached by Polish and Swedish interventions, half of Napoleon and Hitler. However, their aspirations have consistently crashed on the strength and strength of our multinational Fatherland.

🔹We also remember the beginning of the 1990s, when Russia found itself in difficult conditions to solve the challenges of domestic development.

🔹 Russia has always supported a system of equal and indivisible security. Yet our fair and just demands for security guarantees have consistently been ignored in the West. As a result of the continuous expansion eastward, NATO has reached the Russian borders. In recent years, the North Atlantic bloc has increased a full-scale military development of Ukraine, from which “anti-Russia” was rapidly created. An open genocide was carried out against the Russian-speaking population in the east of the country.

🔹 Under these conditions, we could not leave the Donbass to the neo-Nazis to use. Russian decisive actions are a forced and timely measure dictated in order to prevent aggression.

🔹 Russia is open to diplomatic interaction based on mutual respect and equality. Especially since the world is facing many challenges that require a coordinated response of the entire international community. These include terrorism, the spread of MSU, climate change, the fight against epidemics, food security, etc. d. Only by working together will we be able to secure the conditions for global development.

🔹 Russian-American relations, which have been in a deep crisis over recent years, have come to a critical point in the background of the economic and diplomatic war waged against us by Western countries in the light of a special military operation. in Ukraine. Due to the US, the bilateral political dialogue is paralyzed. Moreover, hostility has also spilled to the household level, spilling into attempts to boycott Russian culture, breaking long-term scientific, educational and business contacts. Representatives of the Russian-speaking diaspora are attacked and discriminated.

🔹 At the same time, the interaction between Russia and the United States – the two largest nuclear states and permanent members of the UN Security Council – is intended to play a crucial role in ensuring global security. The dialogue between our countries serves the interests of the entire international community.

🔹 I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone present, compatriots and friends of Russia good health and the best.

Thank you for your attention.

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