June 15, 2022

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova accuses Ukraine’s ’Neo-Nazi regime’  of war crimes 

Russian Defense Ministry

Every week brings further tragic evidence of war crimes and violations of international humanitarian law committed by the neo-Nazi regime and foreign mercenaries that are fighting on its side.

They are resorting to the terrorist, extremist tactic of intimidating civilians and are using locals as human shields. Apparently, this is how NATO instructors trained the fighters of the so-called Armed Forces of Ukraine. Ukrainian military units shell peaceful residential districts in Donetsk every day. They know there are no military facilities or targets there but they shell them anyway. They have been doing this for years. Our so-called Western partners and, unfortunately, Western journalists have not wanted to see this for a long time, and now they continue to ignore it. Let us tell them about this.

Controlled by the Kiev regime (I don’t know whether they control anything or not), the armed forces are using banned cluster ammunition and artillery weapons they have recently received from the United States, the United Kingdom, France and other countries in the collective West, which are calling themselves peacekeepers, supporters of pacifism. Investigators from the DPR have authentically established that NATO 155mm caliber ammunition was used for shelling the Voroshilovsky district of Donetsk on June 9 of this year.

On June 13 of this year, Ukrainian nationalists subjected Donetsk to the most barbaric shelling since 2015. They fired 620 units of different ammunition from tube, rocket and missile artillery, killing five people, including an 11-year-old boy. Thirty-nine civilians, including three children were injured. What about the Department of State? Is the US delegation walking in sacral circles around the UN Security Council hall of sessions? Where is the US Permanent Ambassador with angry speeches and yelling? Where are the US humanitarians? What’s wrong with the NGOs and international associations? Why are they silent? They have been criminally silent for all these years and continue being criminally silent. We know this.

The Republican Centre for Maternity and Child Protection, a maternity home, was damaged by shelling. Expectant mothers, mothers with children and staff had to hide in basements. These weren’t the basements where military hardware was installed to stage provocations and attract fire. These were real basements in this maternity home. These expectant mothers were also real, not instabloggers or photo models.

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