March 16, 2022

Russian Ministry of Defense Briefing

Russian Defense Ministry

The group of troops of the Lugansk People’s Republic, developing the aggression, moving forward from several directions within the city of SEVERODONETSK.

◾ Units of the Donetsk People’s Republic are fighting for the possession of the MARINKA settlement. Progress per day was 2 kilometers.

💥 On the morning of March 16, high-precision weapons of large range were attacked on the objects of military infrastructure of Ukraine. As a result, the communication, intelligence, re-broadcasting and commutation hubs in the settlement VINNITSA were removed.

💥 During the day, one Ukrainian Mi-24 helicopter near the Sarana settlement, as well as six unmanned aircraft was shot down in the air with air by air by air and air defense of the Russian World Security Forces.

💥 34 military objects of Ukraine were struck by prompt tactical, military and drone aviation. One of them is a light-fire jet system installation, three command points, one radio-fighting station, seven ammunition warehouses and 19 combat equipment accumulation units.

◾ In total, since the beginning of a special military operation, 180 planes and helicopters have been destroyed, 166 drones, 1367 tanks and other armored vehicles, 132 backlash jets, 502 field artillery weapons ii and mortometer, as well as 1,156 units of special military automobile equipment.

☣ We are well aware that with the support of Western countries, the SBU is preparing a provocation with the use of toxic substances against civilians. The purpose of the provocation is to accuse Russia of using chemical weapons against the population of Ukraine.

❗ I would like to officially declare that there are no and no chemical ammunition in the units of the Russian Armed Forces involved in a special military operation.

◾ The Russian Federation, unlike the United States, has long fulfilled its international obligations, completely destroying all chemical weapons reserves.

◾ In order to prevent any provocations of Ukrainian nationalists with poisonous substances, Russian soldiers in liberated territory take control of dangerous objects and ensure their safety.

◾ I will add that among the 4th brigade of the Ukrainian National Guard of Military Documentation, there is a detailed map of the territory of Ukraine with objects and types of poisonous substances stored on it. Therefore, any attempt to provoke the SBU using poisonous substances will inevitably be revealed.

◾ We have repeatedly brought facts about the atrocities of nationalists terrorizing civilians for any disobedience or attempts to leave the settlements. Today, at the same time on all propaganda resources of the Kiev regime, video footage of the killed civilians in Chernigov were distributed, who were allegedly “shot by Russian soldiers.” It turned out that all the dead allegedly stood in line for bread.

❗ I want to emphasize that there were no Russian soldiers in Chernigov. All units of the Russian armed forces are outside Chernihiv, blocking roads, and there is no offensive action on the city.

◾ There are no signs of ammunition breaks on the video footage edited by Ukrainian propagandaists. All the windows in the nearby buildings are intact. No damage to the walls, no other traces of the explosion on the ground.

◾ Thus, all the dead people, – victims of the terror of Ukrainian nationalists or data video footage, – another SBU production.

❗ We would like to note that at the same time with Ukrainian internet resources, this fake data without any verification and receiving evidence was published on the official pages of the US Embassy in Ukraine on social networks. At the same time, the embassy itself, as it is known, has been not even in Kiev for a long time, but in Lviv. And he does not notice how Russian soldiers deliver and distribute hundreds of tons of humanitarian aid to the residents of the Chernihiv region in settlements freed from nationalists.

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