July 2, 2022

Russian Ministry of Defense: Russia accuses Ukraine of shelling a apartment building, killing one civilian

Russian Defense Ministry

Russian Defence Ministry publishes footage of the Chief of General Staff and First Deputy Minister of Defence General of the Army Valery Gerasimov inspecting the group of troops involved in the special military operation in Ukraine.

◽️3 battalions from 10th Mountain Assault and 72nd Mechanised brigades have lost over 50% of personnel near Verkhnekamenka and Zolotaryovka just in the past 24 hours.

💥Russian Aerospace Forces have launched a high-precision attack at provisional base of 1st Battalion from 30th Mechanised Brigade deployed near Artyomovsk. The attack has resulted in the elimination of up to 120 Ukrainian servicemen and about 15 units of military equipment. In addition, Russian aviation has neutralised a provisional armament and military equipment storage base of 10th Mountain Assault Brigade deployed at the territory of a tractor plant in Kharkov. The attack has resulted in the elimination of up to 30 servicemen and 10 units of armoured and motor vehicles.

⚠️ We continue to carefully record the facts of inhumane treatment to civilians and use of residential buildings, educational institutions and social infrastructure facilities for military purposes by Ukrainian armed groups.

⚠️ In Slavyansk, AFU units launched an artillery attack from the local compound feed plant at residential quarters in order to accuse Russia of eliminating the civilian population of Ukraine. The attack has resulted in the death of 1 woman and injuring about 10 persons.

📹 Ministry of Defence continues publishing footage of Russian servicemen in combat action: marines’ T-80BV tank and BTR-82A armoured carrier crews, Su-25 assault fighter crews and servicemen of the International Mine Action Centre administering final exams for professionals of People’s Militia engineering unitsin the Lugansk People’s Republic.

🚛 Russian Armed Forces deliver over 150 tonnes of humanitarian aid to residents of liberated settlements in Kharkov region.

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