March 2, 2024

Russian Ministry of Defense: up to 880 Ukrainian troops killed or wounded in 24 hours

Russian Defense Ministry

The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation continue the special military operation. 

▫️ In Kupyansk direction, the Zapad Group of Force’ units improved the situation on the front line, and hit AFU 57th mechanised inafantry, and 95th air assault brigades near Sinkovka (Kharkov region) and Terni (Donetsk People’s Republic). 

Up to 55 Ukrainian troops, one tank, two armoured fighting vehicles, and two motor vehicles were neutralised. 

In the course of counter-battery warfare, one Akatsiya self-propelled artilery system, one Msta-B howitzer, two Gvozdika self-propelled artillery systems, one D-20 howitzer, and one AN/TPQ-50 counter-battery warfare radar were wiped out. 

▫️ In Donetsk direction, units of the Yug Group of Forcs captured more favourable lines and positions, and strike at units of AFU 28th mechanised, 46th, and 81st airmobile, 5th, and 92nd assault brigades close to Krasnogorovka, Georgiyevka, Kleshcheyevka, Andreyevka, and Kurdyumovka (Donetsk People’s Republic). 

Up to 390 Ukrainian troops, two tanks, two armoured fighting vehicles, and nine motor vehicles were neutralised. 

In the course of the counter-battery warfare, one UK-made AS-90 self propelled artillery system, one Polish-made Krab self-propelled artillery sytem, three Gvozdika self-propelled artillery systems, three D-20 howitzers, one U.S.-made M119 towed gun, one Strela-10  SAM system, one U.S-made AN/TPQ-50 counter-battery warfare radar, and one EW station were destroyed.

Moreover, one AFU ammunition depot was wipied out in Avdeyevka direction

▫️In Aveyevka direction, the Tsentr Group of Forces’ units continue to capture more favourable positions, and hit clusters of manpower and hardware of the AFU 107th Territorial Defence Brigade close to Tonenkoye (Donetsk People’s Republic). 

Eight counter-attaks launched by assault groups of AFU 24th mechanised, 3rd assault, and 25th air assault brigades were repelled near Petrovskoye, Leninskoye, and Orlovka (Donetsk People’s Republic). 

Up to 160 Ukrainian troops, five armoured fighting vehicles, including one U.S.-made Bradley infantry fighting vehicle, and one Msta-B howitzer were eliminated.

▫ In South Donetsk direction, units of the Vostok Group of Forces hit units of AFU 72nd mechanised, 58th mechanised infantry brigades, and 121st territorial defence brigades close to Novodonetskoye, Ugledar, and Staromayorskoye (Donetsk People’s Republic). 

The enemy losses in this direction amounted to up to 270 Ukrainian servicemen, two tanks, two infantry fighting vehicles, three armoured fighting vehicles, seven motor vehicles, one U.S.-made Paladin self-propelled artillery system, and one Msta-B howitzer. 

▫️ In Kherson direction, units of the Dnepr Group of Forces hit clusters of manpower and hardware of AFU 118th mechanised infantry, 35th marines, 126th territorial defence brigades near Ivanovka (Kherson region), Rabotino and Malaya Tokmachka (Zaporozhye region). 

The enemy lost up to 60 Ukrainian troops, three motor vehicles, and one ammunition depot. 

▫️ Operational-Tactical Aviation, unmanned aerial vehicles, and Missile Troops and Artillery of the Russian Groups of Forces have engaged AFU manpower and hardware in 112 areas during the day.  

▫️ Air defence units intercepted five Storm Shadow cruise missiles and seven HIMARS MLRS projectiles.  

▫️ Moreover, 107 Ukrainian unmanned aerial vehicles were shot down close to Yasinovataye, Pavlovka (Donetsk People’s Republic), Zmiyevka, Troitskoye, Novokrasnyanka, Golikovo (Lugansk People’s Republic), Novoprokopovka, Kopani, Shevchenkovo, Sladkaya Balka (Zaporozhye region), Kolodeznoye (Kharkov region), and Chernomorovka (Kherson region). 

In total, 575 airplanes and 267 helicopters, 13,969 unmanned aerial vehicles, 476 air defence missile systems, 15,323 tanks and other armoured fighting vehicles, 1,227 combat vehicles equipped with MLRS, 8,259 field artillery cannons and mortars, as well as 19,257 units of special military equipment have been destroyed during the special military operation.

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