November 26, 2023

Statement by the Russian Embassy in Washington (Nov 25) on the ‘false thesis’ of the  “so-called Holodomor” 

Russian Defense Ministry

Embassy of Russia in the USA / Посольство России в США 

Comment by the Russian Embassy in the United States

We have noticed the statements made by representatives of the Administration regarding so-called “Holodomor”. Once again, the United States is promoting the false thesis that the Soviet leadership allegedly deliberately and purposefully “starved” millions of Ukrainians. Such interpretation of the events of the 1930s fundamentally distorts history.

A large-scale crop failure and food shortages 90 years ago became a real humanitarian catastrophe for the Soviet Union. The devastating consequences of this phenomenon are a common tragedy for Russians, Ukrainians, Kazakhs and many other ethnic groups of the huge country.

The Administration’s attempts to tie the events of the first half of the twentieth century with a special military operation look even more preposterous. We see this as nothing more than a new attempt to demonize Russia. Assign completely alien intentions to supposedly suppress and even destroy the fraternal people of a neighboring state.

The well-worn accusations against the Russian Federation of its readiness to destroy Ukrainian agriculture and undermine global food security for its own benefit have nothing to do with the truth. The situation is just the opposite – giant corporations from the United States and Europe continue to buy grain on the cheap and export it from the territory of the republic, earning fabulous profits in the markets of developed countries. The truly needy countries receive only crumbs (about 3%). Our attempts to help by sending free agricultural raw materials face economic and legal obstacles.

We call on the U.S. officials to finally recognize the key role that the West played in fomenting the Ukrainian crisis. Stop trying to draw attention to the bankrupt Kiev regime once again. Moreover the real goal of today’s statements is to humbug more billions from taxpayers, which will then be spent on the construction of defense factories, only unwinding the spiral of the conflict.

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