November 10, 2023

The Case for Prioritizing Taiwan Over Ukraine


It is without doubt that China has become a major actor and attacker in the international system. As Colby goes on to extensively explain, the global landscape of foreign policy as we know it is headed towards irreversible conditions. He passionately puts forth his criticism of politicians’ lack of urgency when it comes to tackling the rise and threat of China. America’s standing as a global superpower is being directly confronted by China’s rising military and economic strength, and in Colby’s eyes, we are not doing nearly enough. China’s growth doesn’t just create an issue in terms of balance of power, but considering the qualities of the state and leader, this growth will only result in a complete collapse. China’s plans to invade Taiwan is the first of many steps that is projected to destroy sovereignty and democracy as we know it. Will China be successful? In Colby’s defense, if America continues to divide and distribute valuable resources to Ukraine and the Middle East, all it will do is detract from adequately addressing the largest threat to America and the world. It is only if America forms a strong, direct, unhesitant military intervention and prioritizes military and hard over soft power that resolving this conflict can be imagined. Colby’s passion and imminence in his talk is formed through the recognition of how catastrophic and severe this conflict can go. If China’s plan to conquer Taiwan succeeds,  the fear of them extending their influence globally becomes a tangible concern.

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