May 17, 2023

Humanitarian Negligence: Turning A Blind Eye to The Forced Migration Catastrophe

Jennica Larrison

Jennica Larrison shares three anecdotes of forced migration stories, one from  Venezuela, another from Afghanistan, and finally one from Myanmar. All these  stories end in similar ways, the refugees never fully find safety due to the lack  support of forced migrants into other countries. After sharing these accounts,  Larrison dives into a terminology overview with vocab such as refugee, asylum,  internally displaced persons (IDP’s) and forced migration. Following this, she  displays a plethora of data revolving around countries of origin for refugees,  population predictions of displaced people, and the percentage of refugees based on different factors. Next, she reverts to her original anecdotes to explain the lack  of support by “host countries” of these refugees, including the U.S, Pakistan, and  Bangladesh. Finally, Larrison proposed a path forward on the local scale in  Baltimore by explaining resources people can use to support the global forced  migration crisis. In the question-and-answer portion, Larrison discusses topics  including possible U.S. responses, population growth, and physical jobs of NGO’s.

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