March 5, 2019

Poland 2019: Accomplishments, Challenges, Objectives

Piotr Wilczek, Ambassador of the Republic of Poland to the United States

In the exploration of Poland’s accomplishments, challenges, and objectives, Ambassador Piotr Wilczek digs into his nation’s core goals and struggles. Throughout his discourse, the ambassador emphasizes Poland’s commitment to ensuring security and creating conditions for social prosperity with its strategic partnership with the United States and the European Union. He strongly asserts that despite the historical legacy of communist oppression and its energy dependency, Poland has come to a milestone in addressing its challenges thanks to the United States and NATO’s cooperation. Piotr Wilczek proudly highlights Poland’s achievements as well as displays more ongoing projects that will strengthen the Nation’s status in the European Union. His excellency concludes by underlining the importance of strengthening Polish American cooperation as well as reinforcing regional partnerships to ensure Poland’s continued growth and resilience.

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