December 9, 2021

The Future from Three Perspectives: Cities, Work, and Nation-States

Mr. Jerry Hultin

Mr. Jerry Hultin, a chair and co-founders of Global Futures Group talks to the Baltimore Council on Foreign Affairs about the future of technological improvements. He outlines the ways in which cities are improving and becoming what he coins as ‘smart cities’, but with these advancements there are also risks. Hultin focuses primarily on the advancements and prosperity that can arise from ‘smart cities’ but has less focus on the increased danger from cyber-attacks and privacy issues. Hultin also discusses the implication of the increased usage of the metaverse and what could mean for policy makers. He implies that future planning could be attempted in the metaverse prior to implementing new and controversial policy in real life. Hultin emphasizes many of the positive aspects of our increasingly technological world, and in some ways downplays the many threats that are associated with this future landscape.

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