September 7, 2023

The Return of Great Power Competition: How Your Economic World is About to Change

Patrick Fearon Hernandez

Patrick Hernandez, a market strategist for Confluence Investment Management in St. Louis, addresses the resurgence of great power competition on the world stage and its impacts on the global economy, with a particular focus on the dynamics involving Russia, China, and the United States. Hernandez, with a background at NATO and the CIA, analyzes the interplay between global economic and geopolitical developments and their implications for investment strategies. His talk delves into the nuances of China’s rise to great power status, underscored by its expansive diplomatic efforts, military advancements, and assertive foreign policy. He highlights China’s influence in various international organizations, its efforts to promote Chinese culture and perspectives globally, and the transformation of their diplomatic and military posture. The discussion also touches on the U.S. ‘s evolving role as a global hegemon, the implications of shifting U.S. policies, and the resultant opportunities seized by China and Russia. Hernandez provides a detailed analysis of China’s military capabilities, particularly its naval power, and the implications for potential conflicts, notably around Taiwan. This presentation offers a blend of geopolitical analysis, economic insights, and investment implications, highlighting the connections between global power shifts and economic trends. Following the talk, Hernandez engages in a Q&A session, addressing questions about the global economic landscape and the strategic calculus of major world powers.
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