June 7, 2023

The Slide into Great Power Competition with China: Can it Be Stopped Short of War?

Thom Shanker, Former New York Times Pentagon Correspondent; Andrew Hoehn, Senior Vice President Research & Analysis, The RAND Corporation

The U.S. has over defined National Security as a fight against terrorism for far too  long and the U.S. never has faced so many simultaneous threats ever. In this book  talk, Tom Shanker and Andrew Hoehn attempt to move discussion away from  counterterrorism talks to a more comprehensive definition of American National  Security. In the case of China, which was thought of as a place where we [the  U.S.] can do business has been predicted in a 1985 article to have an eventual rise  in growing economy and a military surplus. Now, China has created an anti access area denial, basically a “keep out” zone for American vessels. Another  threat is the Russian state, noting Vladimir Putin as “the threat that was hiding in  plain sight.” U.S. intelligence has zero tactical warning about the Russian Ukrainian invasion of 2014, due to America blinding themself because of a lack  of intelligence funding. Later, the two writers answer questions on educating the  American population, existential threats, and better actions that could be taken in  the U.S.-Chinese relationship.

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