January 23, 2020

What to Expect in US-North Korea Relations in 2020

Dr. Jung H. Pak

In her informative discussion, Jung H. Pak thoroughly explores the existing and future relationship between the U.S. and North Korea. Specifically, Pak delves into the complexities underlying the often-oversimplified connection between President Trump and Kim Jong Un. During Trump’s tenure, their seemingly friendly rapport has been a hindrance, neglecting America’s goals in East Asia. Trump’s lack of control over North Korea’s nuclear pursuits has strained ties with Japan and South Korea, empowered North Korea globally, and allowed nuclear weapon development despite their supposed ‘contract.’ Pak expresses concern about America’s lax approach, foreseeing an inevitable showdown that could jeopardize millions of lives. Highlighting Kim Jong Un’s aggression when unchecked, she stresses the imperative to address North Korea’s nuclear buildup to prevent a humanitarian crisis in both North Korea and its U.S. allies. As a remedy, Pak advocates for fortifying U.S. leadership and alliances, reinvigorating sanctions, and reinstating human rights envoys, emphasizing proactive measures to avoid squandering a critical situation.

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