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William “Bill” O’Grady is Executive Vice President and Chief Market Strategist for Confluence Investment Management, a St. Louis-based investment management firm with more than $9 billion of assets under management and supervision. As Chief Market Strategist, Bill performs market, economic and geopolitical research for the firm, and is a member of its various investment committees. Bill also writes numerous reports for the firm, including the Daily Comment, Weekly Geopolitical Report, Asset Allocation Weekly and Quarterly Energy Comment, in which he provides insights on various economic and geopolitical topics, and discusses their market effects.


Patrick Fearon-Hernandez is a Market Strategist for Confluence Investment Management. There, he analyzes financial market trends, global economic and geopolitical developments, including international security issues, and maps their implications to investment strategy. He is a member of his firm’s various investment committees and participates in the management of several portfolios. He also writes various reports that lay out the firm’s geopolitical, economic and market insights, which can be found on the firm’s website. Patrick’s global, top-down approach to investment strategy builds on his early career experience at the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, and the Central Intelligence Agency.


U.S. Hegemony and the European Union

DATE: June 11, 2020 6:00 pm

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This talk will provide an overview of hegemony, including the key global public goods a hegemon provides to the world and the unique way the U.S. has provided those goods from after WWII to the present.  It will also offer an overview about how the U.S. has managed the world’s three major conflict zones (i.e., Europe, the Mid East and East Asia), why the American public has become jaded over the U.S. hegemonic role, and finally, what will likely occur as the U.S. backs away from essentially managing the world.  The talk will also cover the rising risk of a breakdown of the European Union due to both American withdrawal and various stresses now placed on the Union.