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Franklin C. Miller

Principal, The Scowcroft Group

Former Director for Defense Policy and Arms Control on the National Security Council

U.S. Nuclear Weapons Policy

DATE: April 13, 2021 6:00 pm

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During WWII, the U.S. developed and used two nuclear weapons. Since that time the U.S. and nine other nations have created nuclear arsenals. As the destructive power and numbers of nuclear weapons have grown worldwide, many have called for worldwide denuclearization.  Should the U.S. give up its nuclear weapons arsenal in an effort to lead the world to denuclearization as some have called for?  Or, should it assume, that other nations will never give up their nuclear weapons, and therefore the U.S. should continue to maintain and modernize its own?  Further, what is the cost of that maintenance and modernization?


Please join the BCFA for a discussion of U.S. nuclear weapons policy.  Mr. Franklin C. Miller will describe why the U.S. should continue to possess nuclear weapons, what upgrades are needed to the U.S. nuclear weapons arsenal, and the relative cost of such actions.