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Security in the Age of Cyber ... and ... Great Power Competition

DATE: September 4, 2019 6:00 pm

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Few, if any, are as well prepared by education and experience to address this evening’s subject as Chris Inglis.
He served at the National Security Agency for twenty eight years, seven of which were as the Deputy Director,
essentially the Agency’s chief operations officer. He was thoroughly grounded as an information security analyst and
senior cryptologist; and experienced in signals intelligence, special operations, planning and programs. Among his prior
positions were Chief of the Office of China and Korea in the Operations Directorate and special liaison officer in
A graduate of the United Stated Air Force Academy, he served as an Air Force Officer for nine years before
joining the NSA; and in parallel with part of his NSA career, he remained in the Air Reserve attaining the rank of
Brigadier General and Chief of Staff of the Maryland Air National Guard. He is a command pilot and has led at the
squadron, group, and joint force headquarters levels.
Education permeated his forty one year career of public service. He was a distinguished graduate of the Air
Force Academy (1976); and received M.S degrees from Columbia University in Mechanical Engineering (1977) and
Johns Hopkins in Computer Science (1984). He also received a professional degree in Computer Science from George
Washington University and graduated from the USAF Air War College, the Air Command and Staff College, USAF
Squadron Officer School, and the Kellogg Business School’s executive program.
Sharing knowledge has characterized his professional life. He was a Mechanical Engineering professor at the
United States Naval Academy (1983-1986) and was named the Outstanding Military Faculty Member in 1985. While at
NSA, he taught for a year at West Point; and upon retirement he became Distinguished Professor of Cybersecurity at the
Naval Academy. He now is a managing director at the Paladin Security Group.
His innumerable commendations and awards include Presidential Award for Meritorious Service (on three
occasions), the USAF Distinguished Service Medal, the President’s National Security Medal, and the Director of
National Intelligence Distinguished Service Medal.
It is an honor and pleasure to welcome John Chris Inglis to the Council.