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Stephen Carmel

Vice President, Maersk Line, Limited

Global Supply Chains

DATE: June 24, 2021 6:00 pm

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Global supply chains are networks that can span across multiple continents for the purpose of sourcing and supplying goods and services. Global supply chains involve the flow of resources, information, processes, partially finished goods, and finished goods across the globe.

COVID-19 disrupted some global supply chains. But supply chains have also been a vital lifeline to support the response, keeping essential medical supplies, food, and other key necessities flowing to where they are needed most. There’s no doubt that the pandemic has tested the ingenuity, resilience, and flexibility of supply chains globally, as they have sought to maintain essential operations. Covid 19 also exposed, in some cases, the fragility of some supply chains. Repurposed and reshaped supply chains of the future will need to be characterized by both resilience and flexibility.

Please join the BCFA for a discussion of global supply chains, the U.S. outsourcing of goods and services, whether it is feasible to bring home the supply of some resources and the production of many goods that are now brought in from overseas, and some of the key issues surrounding global supply chains.