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Ukraine forces still holding Mariupol port and steel plant

Ukrainian forces retain control of defensive positions in eastern and southwestern Mariupol, despite Russian claims to have captured most of the city. ISW was able to confirm the specific locations of ongoing Russian assaults on April 8 for the first time in several days. Russian forces continue to attempt to regroup

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Ukraine asks NATO to send western, not Soviet-era weapons 

Statement by the Ukraine Defense Minister, Oleksii Reznikow to partner states It has been 42 days since Russia’s large-scale attack on Ukraine. Today I want to address all the friends and partners of our people. And talk about what’s happening. Contrary to many predictions, Russia has failed to break through

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Russia claims to destroy Ukrainian fuel depots, other military targets

Units of Donetsk People’s Republic troops, continuing their offensive, have completely cleared Sladkoe of nationalists. The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation strike at the assets of the military infrastructure of Ukraine. During the night, high-precision air- and sea-based missiles destroyed 4 fuel storage bases near Nikolaev, Zaporozhye, Kharkov and

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Russian proxy forces claim capture of central Mariupol

Russian proxy forces claimed to have captured central Mariupol on April 7, but Ukrainian forces retain positions in the southwest of the city. ISW cannot independently confirm this proxy claim, but we have not observed confirmed reports of fighting in central Mariupol since April 2.[1] Russian forces will likely complete the capture

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Russian Offensive Campaign Assessment 

Russian forces continued to redeploy forces to the Izyum-Slovyansk axis and eastern Ukraine in the past 24 hours and did not secure any major advances. Russian forces completed their withdrawal from Sumy Oblast, and Russian forces previously withdrawn from northeastern Ukraine continued to redeploy to Belgorod, Russia, for further deployment to

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Zelenskyy: Russian ‘turns UN veto into right to kill’

Dear Mrs. President! Dear Mr. Secretary General! Dear members of the Security Council and other participants of the meeting! Thank you for the opportunity. I am sure that all the representatives of the UN member states will hear me today. Yesterday I returned from our city of Bucha, recently liberated

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April 8, 2022

Missile that targeted railway station ‘launched from Ukraine-held territory’, Russia claims

Russian Defense Ministry

The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation continue to conduct a special military operation in Ukraine.

💥 On the day of April 8, a large warehouse of missile-artillery weapons in the area of the settlement of Nimirovskoye Odessa region was destroyed by high-speed air-base missiles. The air equipment of the Ukrainian armed forces was also destroyed at the Kanatovo military airport in the Kirovograd region.

💥 54 military objects of Ukraine were affected by the prompt and tactical aviation of the Russian Federation. Among them: a control point, two combustion warehouses, a field ammunition warehouse, two installations of jet fire systems, as well as 45 support points and areas of concentration of Ukrainian military equipment.

💥 Russian anti-aircraft defense in the area of the Novomikhaylovka settlement, a Ukrainian Su-27 plane crashed into the air.

📊 In total, since the beginning of a special military operation, 126 planes, 421 drone aircraft, 2024 tanks and other armored vehicles, 225 installations of backfire jet systems, 876 field artillery weapons and mortomets, as well as 1923 units of special military automotive equipment.

◽️ Today, April 8, Ukrainian armed forces attacked the railway station of Kramatorsk with a tactical missile “Point-U” by the Ukrainian armed forces.

◽️ Tactical missiles “U-Point”, whose debris was discovered in the area of the Kramatorsk railway station, are used only by Ukrainian armed forces.

❗️ I would like to note that the maximum flight range of the “Point-U” rocket is 120 km. The mass of the combat unit is 482 kg and contains 20 fringe combat elements, each 7.5 kilograms, forming about 16 thousand fringe.

◽️ Analysis of the radius of the defeat of the combat unit, as well as the characteristic position of the tail part of the “Tochka-U” missile, clearly confirm that it was launched from the south-west direction of Kramatorsk.

◽️ According to the existing intelligence data, one of the divisions of the 19 missile brigade, armed with “Tochka-U” missile complexes at the time of the strike on Kramatorsk, was in the area of the Dobropolje Donetsk region, 45 km south-west of Kramatorsk. This district is currently under complete control of the Ukrainian group of troops in Donbass.

◽️ I would like to emphasize that the Ukrainian armed forces still have a significant arsenal of “Point-U” missiles.

◽️ Before the beginning of a special military operation, there were 20 “Tochka-U” missile complexes at the disposal of the Kiev regime, which consisted of two launch units.

◽️ In the course of conducting a special military operation, 8 Ukrainian “U” launch facilities were destroyed and about 90 percent of rockets on arsenals.

◽️ Nevertheless, the threat of continuing the Kiev regime of provocations and missile strikes on settlements with civilians remains high.

◽️ The joint operation of the troops of the Donetsk People’s Republic and the units of the Russian armed forces for the complete liberation of the city of Mariupol continues.

◽️ The results of radio interceptions show that in addition to the Nazis from the “Azov” battalion and the remains of the Ukrainian armed forces, there are a significant number of foreign mercenaries in the occupied areas of the city. In addition to Ukrainian and Russian, radio negotiations are held in six more, mostly European foreign languages.

◽️ It is obvious that the city is now blocked not the defenders of the so-called “European values”, but the foreign hirers. Those who came to kill Slavs for American dollars, covering themselves with a “live shield” from civilians.

◽️ The Kiev nationalist regime refused to withdraw militants from Mariupol.

With this in mind, the city will definitely be liberated by the troops of the Donetsk People’s Republic and the units of the Russian armed forces.

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